Reading: 24 Hours in London – The Ultimate Layover

24 Hours in London – The Ultimate Layover

You’re in London. You’ve only got 24 hours to see the place. Not the London that involves hundreds of tourists with fanny packs and selfie-sticks bumping into each other like kernels in a popcorn machine. The real London.  Ditch the guide books and spend the next day living like a Londoner.

9:30 AM

Get up sleepy head. It’s probably raining outside, but check anyway. You’re out of the house, handsome umbrella in tow, when suddenly it hits you. That brain fog that’s only cured by a strong cup of coffee or espresso. Lucky for you London’s brimming with quaint little coffee shops with good looking baristas and tiny seating spaces. 

Location: Flat White, Soho
For: Damn strong coffee.

Flat white is a local favourite reminiscent of a Kensington Market coffee shop. Small, cute and the coffee smells like coffee. Try their pastries, you’ll love them however it’s a tiny spot (can you afford London real estate?) so grab and go is your best bet. 

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11:30 AM

Brimming with that after caffeine energy, you’re ready to hit the streets of London. Unlike a lot of cities, London has a very chic high-street shopping scene. Whether you’re into high fashion or your wallet’s on a diet you’d very likely find some hidden gems in the city. 

Location: Dover Street Market
For: Checking off every item on your Hypebeast wishlist.

A little ironic that Dover Street Market isn’t on Dover Street anymore, however nothing’s changed aside from the relocation. Situation on Haymarket Street, this shopper’s paradise features everything unconventional. With labels like Comme Des Garçons to Gosha Rubchinskiy, you’re definitely in to look edgy. Think Hell’s Angels meets Marilyn Manson. Totally kidding. However, labels with esoteric concepts seem to be the new trend and Dover Street Market does not disappoint. 

12:30 PM

Your stomach is grumbling. Which is your bodies way of telling you it’s time for a fantastic lunch. Head to 34 Restaurant in Mayfair.

Location: 34, Mayfair
For: Crispy lamb sweetbreads to get you back on your game.

Advertised as a meat, game and seafood restaurant, this place is a meat-eater and seafood lover’s paradise (PETA’s probably not invited). Try the Lobster Mac n Cheese. A classic, but a scrumptious one.  

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3:00 PM
Stomach’s happy. Accountant? Probably not. But you’re in London, quit complaining.

Location: Orlebar Brown
For: Putting your favourite insta shot on your swim shorts. 

This London based clothing label boasts a killer concept. Customizable swim shorts. You can superimpose your photography or just customize your ideal pair. You’re ready to make a quick visit to St. Tropez… hopefully not without the beach bod.  (Editor’s Note: Maybe this visit should go before lunch.)

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5:00 PM

After-work drinks are almost religious in London. And we know shopping is hard work. You deserve a drink after that so we’ll direct you to Marylebone, a quaint little area not too far from Mayfair. 

Location: The Marylebone
For: Draaaaaaanks

Known for their 2 for 1 cocktail happy hour, this place is perfect if you’re looking for a decent cocktail in a quintessential British pub-like atmosphere. God bless the British and their drinking tendencies, right? 

8:00 PM

It’s 8 PM and you’re probably pleasantly buzzed (in British terms). It’s time to feast again. How about Japanese? You can’t make it all the way to London and NOT have Sushi. In-fact Sushi has become such a London thing to do, it’s got Tokyo wondering what the hell happened. 
Location: Yashin Ocean House
For: Head to tail dining.
This restaurant offers unconventional Sushi dishes employing every part of the fish. Sushi and Sake, what more could one ask for?

10:00PM – 1 Hour before your flight departs.

It’s after dinner. You are full wined and dined, and in need of somewhere to end the night (or start your morning). Somewhere a little high up above the city. In a garden. 

Location: The Roof Lounges
For: Infusing the remaining pounds in your wallet into the British economy.

Owned by Richard Branson, the Roof Gardens features three gardens, the Babylon restaurant and a private member’s club, if you know, you just happen to be a celebrity or Richard’s bff. Talk about fancy. The venue offers breathtaking views of the city, and features a club and bar where you can enjoy the rest of your night. What happens from there on is not our secret to tell. 

Now we could almost call you a Londoner, minus the perma-frown and cynicism that every London dweller seems to have. Just teasing, we love you London.