Reading: 5 Freaky Vegetables to Ace your Stir Fry This Weekend

5 Freaky Vegetables to Ace your Stir Fry This Weekend

How does the old saying go? Vegetables suck. Luckily, these 5 freaky vegetables bring a lot more than just vitamins to the table.


What the heck is this? The word kohlrabi is German for “cabbage turnip” (kohl as in cole-slaw, and rübe for turnip) even though kohlrabi isn’t even a root vegetable. Silly Germans! Revered as one of the 150 healthiest food on Earth, the Kohlrabi is part bulb, part green but alllllll edible. Fry up the root for some kohlrabi chips (Martha says it’s a good thing!), toss the leaves in a salad, or saddle up next to a Schnitzel.

Kohlrabi 1200 by 800Yardlong

For beans size does matter. However, this misleading vegetable tastes best at half a yard – when they’re *ahem* young and slender. What really sets them apart as a crop is how fast they grow. The plant is subtropical/tropical and most widely grown in the warmer parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and southern China and vigorous bean is amaze stir-fried.

Yardlong 1200 by 800



Samphire is occasionally refered to as “sea asparagus,” and rightly so! Samphire is a bright green sea vegetable that grows abundantly on shorelines. So if you live by marshy shallows or salty mudflats you can source the trendy garnish for free. It’s salty and makes the perfect side dish to fish. The English like to pickle them for salads which begs the question “why have we not been garnishing caesars with samphire yet?”

Samphire 1200 by 800


If you’ve ever started tripping out at the Farmer’s market, it’s very likely you looking at Romanesco. This edible flower is part of the Brassica family (known for it’s slightly less mesmerizing members cabbage, kale and cauliflower). Trying to impress that special “nerd” in your life (or just trying to get someone else to do your homework)? The spirals on the Romanesco are a natural example of the Fibonnaci pattern. You can chow down on this “psychedelic broccoli” raw, steamed and cooked through. Or forget the whole thing all together and keep staring.

Romanesco 1200 by 800



Since there are so many different varieties of Oca, and while the flavours do vary but it’s often described as a tangy sweet potato. Known also as the “New Zealand yam,” this tasty tuber is taking over gardens and salad e’rwhere.

Oca 1200 by 800