Reading: Cop It or Drop It: Black Friday Deals 2017

Cop It or Drop It: Black Friday Deals 2017

Oh great.  It’s fucking November.

Snow is on the way.

It get’s dark at five.

And the holidays are still weeks away (no matter what the decorations or Starbucks Peppermint Mocha tells you).

For all of the month’s downsides, there is one glimmer of hope, and that is Black Friday. Boxing day used to be that day to blow hundreds of dollars on, but in 2017 the last Friday in November is the day to circle on your calendar if you do not want to pay retail. Deals begin on Friday and extending all the way to Cyber Monday. Product moves extremely quick, you either need a game plan on what you are looking for, or need to adopt the buy now think later mentality. Since a lot of on sale items are final we suggest drawing up some X’s and O’s on what to cop and what to drop.

It’s no longer just industrial Kitchen Aid appliances and hard drives that are discounted.  Check out the menswear brands that need your credit card information ASAP.

Best Online Retailers

Mr Porter

Mr Porter the online based retailer stocks something for just about everyone. From high fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci, Japanese brands Visvim, and Nonative to sportswear giants like the swoosh and the three stripes can all be purchased in one site. Mr Porter does not mess around with sales. They normally discount their collections at thirty percent off a whole slew of designers. One thing to keep an eye on? Mr P, the brands new in house line. The collection consists of timeless menswear staples that sit right in the sweet spot of style where any guy can incorporate into their wardrobe. If the collection does go on sale, you better act fast or I’ll beat you to it.  


Anyone that has ever browsed through the Ssense website knows that they cater to a specific customer. Dudes who know their shit and are willing and able to drop stacks to look like the shit. There is no word on what the Montreal based retailer has up their sleeves this year, but judging from past sales they are known to discount up to fifty percent off menswear’s most trendy brands. It’s also one of the few online retailers that is known for discounting those expensive as hell but totally worth it Common Projects.

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Best Canadian Retailers

Roden Gray

We’ve all been there, you buy something on sale online thinking you got a steal only to find that you have been slapped with huge duties when it finally arrives. Duties can be hit or miss so if you want to avoid the large fee’s we suggest you stick to Canadian retailers with your online shopping. Vancouver based Roden Gray is at the forefront of menswear on the west coast, carrying brands such as Raf Simons, Thom Browne, and OAMC. The shop’s list of brands does lean towards the pricey side so this is the ideal time to strike. You can expect to take twenty percent off all clothing, footwear and accessories. The sale will apply to on sale items as well which are already thirty percent off. As a added bonus the store offers free shipping for any order over three hundred dollars.


If you are more of a basics kinda menswear guy Rooney is for you. The brand carries a long list staple menswear brands such as A.P.C, Wings + Horns , and Stone Island. These are the brands that have defeated father time, and will most likely remain classics for years to come. Rooney is staying in line with most boutiques by offering twenty percent off storewide, but if you join their mailing list they will grant you an additional ten percent off on your first order. If both sales can be stacked together that’s a solid thirty percent off. (And you thought that you’d never use math when you got older).


Best Local Retailer


Livestock the specialty retailer that specializes in sneakers always shows up with a bangin sale every Black Friday. Unfortunately you won’t find the most hyped sneakers in stock or on sale (sorry Hypebeasts). The shop makes up for it with  discounts on a wide variety of sneakers at apparel at forty to seventy percent off. Everything from select Nike, Adidas, and Jordan’s can be had at half the retail price. Coming from first hand experience sizes disappear faster than a platter of free donuts so make sure to stay connected whenever the sale drops.


Haven is known too many menswear enthusiasts in the city as the place to be shopping if you are looking for exclusive Japanese brands. The store carries brands that you can only either find on eBay or in Tokoyo. Unfortunately,  the dopest Japanese brands become quite pricey once they make their way to the North America. Which is why taking advantage of the store’s twenty percent off is a good idea. It also gives you an excuse to visit their new location on Richmond, which is pretty much menswear haven.