Reading: Gifts For the Other Gentlemen in Your Life

Gifts For the Other Gentlemen in Your Life

Father’s Day has come and gone. But what about gifting presents to the other important men in your life.


For the man that never asks for help
Try the I.N.O.X ParacordCord

Cord from the strap can be unraveled and used as an ultra-versatile survival tool.  Bear got your rod? You can improvise a fishing line.  And with a breaking point of 250kg there is no way your bass is getting away. Starting at $675.


For the man who could give you a raise
Try The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year

With aromas of brown sugar, espresso, dried fruit this approachable whisky is about to climb the corporate ladder as your boss’s right-hand dram. Just be sure to get your contracts signed before toasting too much. $60.15



For the man with a smile that could launch 1000 ships
Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected

Keep their grin electric with nine unique brushing options. $199.99


For the man with many layers
Try Blake Kuwahara sunglasses

The Clark Kent of glasses. From afar these frames look like a traditional silhouette, but get close and Blake Kuwahara’s glasses reveal their badass nature.


For the man that hates getting stuck in traffic
Try RNC Camp Knife

When you spend all of your time in the wilderness, you better have the knife to go with it.  Of course you can stay home and use it in the kitchen as well.  Cherry tomatoes don’t stand a chance.


For the bestie that stole your girlfriend in high school
Try a 5000 piece puzzle

Nothing says I forgive you (ish) more than a passive aggressive puzzle.


For the man with unruly stubble
Try a Philips 9000 Series Shaver

Thanks to unique, contour-detecting technology his neck can finally be as smooth as his talking.  $265


For the man you share a living room with
Try Fibe ALT TV

Fighting over the remote control is sooo 2007.  Stream different shows on up to two devices simultaneously with the recently launched cable alternative.