Reading: GLENMORANGIE – From Lips to Liquid

GLENMORANGIE – From Lips to Liquid

A contemporary take on creating whisky.

From your mouth to Glenmorangie’s ears and back to your mouth again, the Scottish distillery has raised the bar of innovation by releasing the world’s first ever crowd-sourced whisky.

Consumers were called upon to bring the malt to market, with major input on everything from flavour profile to packaging. The result? The Taghta (Gaelic for “Chosen”).


Glenmorangie Original Whisky was matured in three distinct casks: Spanish Manzanilla Sherry, Grand Cru Burgundy and Grand Cru Bordeaux. And while each cask imparted its signature characteristics, it was ultimately the Sherry cask that won the hearts and palates of the public – a rather unusual choice for whisky, reflecting the truly experimental nature of the project.


The limited edition expression is super savoury with subtle hints of saltiness (yes, it’s good) giving way to notes of caramel and toffee. Enjoy a dram with friends and see if their palate agrees with the rest of the “crowd”.


Available at the LCBO, $176.95