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HUH? – Balls Vodka

Get some!

Is it balls-y to review a bottle of vodka before you even sample it, damn right! But it seems like the folks at Balls Vodka would be difficult to offend. The American-made Balls Vodka is distilled 4 times and bottled in New York (home of the bottomless brunch), so at least if you drink the whole thing on a Sunday you won’t be alone.   Not only does this fierce 80-proof vodka claim to smooth it also claims to make you more interesting, which makes sense because the best conversations do usually happen after consuming high-octane lighter fluid.  The best part is how god damn amazing this bottle will look on your bar cart, immediately offending Pinot Noir drinkers and intimidating your next door neighbour with the big BBQ because he, in fact, thought he was the balls-iest host on the block.

Can’t wait to try this in an, ahem, cocktail.