Reading: Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide That Don’t Suck

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide That Don’t Suck

Buying gifts this time of year for friends and family has never been easier now that you can order all of your gifts online. Fighting with raging mothers, screaming children, and the dreaded carols on repeat at your local mall can now all be avoided. The only downside to the free shipping life is we like to push our gift giving to the brink, like we’re playing a game of chicken with ourselves. Can you really blame us? We got drones in the sky who are a hell of alot more efficient than a Jaded Santa doing our deliveries. Today’s tech advancements allows us large amounts of buffer room to leave gift getting right up till the ledge of last minute. Just don’t bank on the Amazon Prime shipping option coming through in the clutch if you’re ordering on Christmas Eve. Here is our last minute holiday gift guide.

For the Sneakerhead – Shoe Surgeon Sneakers

If you want to make any sneaker head literally faint, gifting them a custom pair of surgically altered kicks by the notorious Sneaker Surgeon will have them passed out by the christmas tree.  Dominic Ciambrone’s takes some of the most popular sneaker silhouettes, strips them down to it’s core, and rebuilds by hand with luxurious fabrics. These custom sneakers are pricey, but they are the definition of exclusivity, which is what most sneaker obsessed are looking for.  If you don’t have 1k to spend on a gift, this Jacon Mark Limited Edition cleaning kit will do the trick.

For the Hypebeast – T Shirt From Better Gift Shop


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Avi Gold’s Better Gift Shop is churning out graphic tees that are reminiscent of the early 90’s and 00’s, which streetwear enthusiasts consider the glory years. Any hoodie or t-shirt from the brand will help the Hypebeast in your life realize there is more in streetwear than Supreme.

For the Obnoxious Foodie – Kitchen Confidential


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Obnoxious foodies need to be humbled, and what better way to do it than through the words of Anthony Bourdain. The late chef will forever be a legend. But what most casual observers don’t know is before his run in television, he was an author first. Even though it was written twenty years ago, Kitchen Confidential remains unbeatable in peeling back the curtains, and offering an accurate take on life behind the stoves and burners.

For Your Crush – Personalized Playlist


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We are approaching peak cuffing season. If you have your eye on that special someone to spend winter with, a nice holiday gift might make or break the your shot. This is the one gift where effort takes precedence over the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Making a personalized playlist on Spotify or Apple music won’t cost you anything if you are already a subscriber, but it shows is ample amounts of I REALLY LIKE YOU. After you’re done creating a list of songs, follow it up with a charming christmas card, like this one.

For the Gym Enthusiasts  – Venum Boxing Gloves


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You don’t need to punch each other in the face for it to be boxing in 2018. Multiple gyms are popping up that are using the foundation of the sweet science, but applying them into a calorie shredding workouts. Rather than use the smelly and sweat  filled communal gloves, gifting these Venum Boxing Gloves to your a hardcore fitness enthusiasts is ideal. The gloves are constructed with leather, and feature triple density foam for long lasting hand protection.

For The Finance Bro – Cocktail Emporium Old Fashioned Gift Set


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There are certain stereotypes that are actually true. Finance Bro’s really do love whisky, and they most certainly love Old Fashioned’s. Not that they ever need to worry about running up a bar tab (shout out to the expense card!), but learning how to make your own cocktails is a nice change of pace. This gift set from BYOB features everything you would need to pull off a drink that even Don Draper would approve of.

Fo Your Mom – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


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I don’t think Dad will mind if you let him slip past your gift list, but you NEVER do that to mom. They always remember. She always deserves the best, even when it comes to daily rituals such as blow drying her hair. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has become the new gold standard when it comes to hair care. Pricey? Yes but she deserves it.

For The Cannabis Lover – Pax 3 Vaporizer


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Legalization came and went, and it hasn’t changed anyone’s consumption habits. The only difference is there is now the influx of stylish bongs, pipes and vaporizers instead of the goofy looking one’s we had to settle with for so many years. If you know someone who is still using their college equipment to get high it’s time you upgrade them. The Pax has become the gold standard when it comes to getting buzzed via a vaporizer. It’s easy to use and discrete, you just can’t go wrong.

For The Beer Enthusiasts –  Fizzics WayTap


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The Fizzics Way Tap looks is the gift to get that beer snob in your life. Using sound technology, this fancy gizmo is able to take his or he favourite brew, and replicate it as if they were having it out of a fresh keg. Finally a  perfect pour can now be had at the comfort of your home.

For Just About Anyone – Uniqlo Kaws Sesame Street Collection


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Stocking Stuffer gifts are normally kind of blah. They are generic, boring, and kind the gifts you are least excited about opening. The Uniqlo X Kaws collection that was just released a few weeks ago is already on sale. Whether it’s a graphic tee or a Elmo plush doll, anyone you gift this collection to will surely have a smile on their face upon unwrapping it.