Reading: Canadian Club Launches a Whisky Legacy

Canadian Club Launches a Whisky Legacy

If you’re looking to have a drink in honour of your country, then put down the Tim Horton’s double double and reach for a glass of something more engrained in our culture.While Canadian Club certainly has a rich history and a deep respect for its roots (CC still uses the same 150 quality control points to ensure the highest quality), the craft distillers know that in order to stay relevant in today’s cocktail culture, adaptation is key. Each expression in the CC portfolio is made from a different ratio of corn, rye, rye malt and barley malt distillates.

All boasting aside, CC 40 Year Old is the oldest whisky ever released in Canada

With whisky connoisseurs turning their attention to Canadian whisky, Canadian Club has perfectly timed the release of its latest expression (and, all boasting aside, also happens to be the oldest whisky ever released in Canada). Unlike most people, who get stuck in their ways the older they get, Canadian Club 40 Year has become incredibly refined and transformed with age.

With no colouring added, CC 40 Year Old is a natural caramel beauty that would look handsome on any bar cart. A first sip will reveal notes of butter tart and toffee with an incredible full-body-ness to it. Keep your cocktail pairings and rocks for another time. Canadian Club 40 Year old is best enjoyed solo.

Only 7,000 bottles will be available, so it’s best to take the afternoon off and head to Summerhill ASAP.

This post was sponsored by Canadian Club, the love of CC whisky is completely our own.