Reading: Meeting Under The Marula Tree

Meeting Under The Marula Tree

If you happened to be online this weekend (which you were) there is an excellent chance you noticed that elephants were trending on social media.

A quick scroll through #WorldElephantDay (that’s August 12th for those of you who like to plan ahead) reveals a celebration of this majestic creature in all of its adorable glory. But this day is more than a celebration, it’s true goal is to raise awareness about the preservation and protection of elephants.  Despite having no natural enemies in the wild, it does not mean that these animals are safe in the wild.  Every 15 minutes, an African elephant is killed for its ivory. At this current rate, they will be extinct by 2030.

That’s why the best-selling South African cream liqueur, Amarula, partnered with WildlifeDirect for a visually-arresting installation in Toronto’s Distillery District. A life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant was left to melt under the sun, symbolizing the alarming rate at which African elephants are being killed for their ivory. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Conservations, activists and aspiring David Attenborough’s from around the globe finally put Twitter to good use, retweeting the Amarula Elephant’s story over 10K times resulting in the donation of $10,000 to the Amarula Trust’s global conservation efforts.

Elephants are eco-system engineers. They play a unique role in creating and maintaining that eco-system. What that means is if you remove elephants from the ecosystem that ecosystem will also vanish.

Why does a cream liqueur want to save the African elephant?


Every 15 minutes, an African elephant is killed for its ivory. At this current rate, they will be extinct by 2030.

It might come as a surprise that the elephant and Amarula Cream Liqueur are intimately connected. When the scent of ripe Marula fills the air, African elephants travel vast distances in order to get a taste. This serves as a cue to producers to begin the annual harvest.

Admittedly my knowledge of elephants prior to this activation was limited with the major source of my expertise garnered from repeated viewings of Dumbo as a kid (they love peanuts!) and the almost intrinsic awareness that these animals were on the endangered species list.  But if we want future generations to live in a world where we can meet the elephant under the Marula tree, then education and action are key.

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This post is sponsored by Amarula Cream Liqueur.  Our obsession with Dumbo and the African Elephant is completely our own.