Reading: Music Hound // Hunting the Best Tracks This Week

Music Hound // Hunting the Best Tracks This Week

Musical knowledge is the ultimate luxury, a wise man once said. I promise to never write about Taylor Swift.


Lapsley – Station
There has been so many lazy comparisons to Adele, but Lapsley kills them all with this brilliant self duo vocal performance. Wait for when the hand clap beat comes in and your heart skips. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Gallant – Bourbon
I would definitely have bourbon in my coffee with Gallant anytime. The dude’s voice just melts me. And this 90’s feel R&B ballad will do the same to you if you have a pulse. Hello, Maxwell? You have been replaced on my end of the night hi-fi, if you know what I mean.



Rosie Lowe – So Human


This track is a real head-nodder, but there is a seductive quality to Rosie’s voice that gives this song unexpected real depth. All of a sudden she goes all Janet Jackson on us and I am lost in my headphones for eternity. On repeat.



Smerz – Because


Initially this track is all about the elastic bass and then pops up this sweet sing-songy ethereal vocal that just takes you higher. I don’t know what is in the water in Scandinavia but they do it every time for me. For those who think Ace is Base is still a thing. Watch your back, Robyn.

Shura – Touch (Four Tet Remix)


I don’t know really where to start here, other than stating London up-and-comer Shura meets electronic music legend Four Tet are a match made in heaven. Unexpectedly resulting in the poppiest track in either artist’s catalogue. Hands up, shirts off, as I like to say.