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Music Hound // Indie Rock is in Vogue

Sometimes life can bring you down, the politics and economics of the world may upset us, but we can at the very least rely on the films and soundtracks of director John Hughes to make us feel better. Comfort Music. The late 80’s + early 90’s are once again in vogue, right? But who would have thought Indie rock? In the mean time, while we were tightly asunder; a new group of bands are updating this once original sound. At the very time we perversely watch a sadly not funny episode of “Fuller House”. Guess what? Indie Rock is back! Here are five tracks that will have you dancing in the dark at the Cottage this spring.

The Paellas – Hold On Tight

With a New Order percussion shot, Tokyo based, The Paellas, wakes us up from our winter slumber. As his voice hits, I am reminded of the best of UK Indie pop music, from Morrissey to the Charlatans. Brit Pop, ’92, lives on. Even in Japan.

Still Parade – 07 41

This new wave of Indie music owes so much to MGMT, no where so much than this kid from Berlin. Still, there is no denying the sexiness of this jam. It is 7.41 am, what are you going to do with your life? Smoke a joint, I bet.

Ten Fe – Elodie

You may never find a bigger fan of 80’s Springsteen or Petty than myself, but I actually think this London duo might do that sound one better. Play this one for your cousin or niece, they may even like it more than those fakers, ‘1975′.

So new, dear reader, that nothing is available on youtube yet. Check the Spotify list below.

Palace Winter – Positron

In the late Eighties or early Nineties, there was no more legit band than REM or Dinosaur Jr. We loved them to the grave, but I will say that neither band may have ever written a tune as great as this. From Copenhagen, you say? Shocking.

Whitney – Golden Days

No secret, their last tune, ‘No Woman’, has been my break up song of the winter. With this latest track, Whitney channels the best of Neil Young in tandem with the horns of southern soul Stax. Nostalgia at it’s best. When their album drops this summer, expect this band from the Windy City to dominate your hi-fi on the cottage deck.