Reading: Music Hound // Ultimate Chill Playlist

Music Hound // Ultimate Chill Playlist

When it comes to the summer,  music can become dominated by what we hear at the clubs. The big choons, as they say. But there are those late restless nights, when we are coming down, the air conditioning or fans are not just making the room chill enough. We need music for then, to chill, to drift off… these are LPs this year that will make that happen.

Lapsley – Long Way Home

I must admit I am a little disappointed by the commercial reception of this record. It kind of died way too quickly. It is pop perfection and Lapsley just has this perfectly unique voice. But I guess, she just doesn’t look like Katy Perry. Well, America and Canada it is your loss. And yours as well, if you don’t listen to this album right now. It will be the best decision you have made today.

James Blake – The Colour in Anything

There has been a lot of talk lately about the disappearance of Frank Ocean, but this was the alternative R&B album that I craved. Blake’s brittle voice, grifted to soft sodden synths, piano plucked, heart on his sleeve. I cried so many times while I listened to this record. Good tears. Cathartic. Just close your eyes, and feel it. This man, may just be a genius.

Palace Winter – Waiting for the World to Turn

These incredible Danish bandmates make music that feels like it only exists in the middle of the night, drifting in your dreams. His voice, so soft like a pillow. But still there is that beat which drives each song through the canyons of your heart. This maybe is amongst the best 4am albums ever made.

Kristin Kontrol – X-Communicate

If there is a decade that I could possibly like more then the Nineties, it is the 80’s. Beneath it’s vacuous plasticity lied a revolutionary heart, that evolved our world and culture so greatly. I am looking at you Prince, Madonna, New Order, and Michael Jackson. We broke through those wall so firmly constructed, and love became just love. When I listen to Kristin Kontrol’s music I am taken back there. She’s pretty cool.

Haelos – Full Circle

Like everybody, I love the nineties these days. From the early films of Linklater to some of my favourite records from Massive Attack and My Bloody Valentine. I was also there though, trust me I lived that decade like no other. So when I say Haelos have made the best 90’s album, not made in the 90’s, believe me. Get it on vinyl and live the millennial generation flashback dream. Cause, you’re special, so fucking special.