Reading: Raden Luggage Launches Connected Carry-On

Raden Luggage Launches Connected Carry-On

Luggage for many is simply a means to an end, to get your things from one point to another with the least amount of hassle. But here’s a new concept: smart luggage. You know, just in case your smartphone or your smartwatch or your smartcar needed company. Raden is changing the way we look at luggage by incorporating features that speak to the modern traveller.

Features like portable USB ports with a built in power source to charge your devices while you’re on the go. (FYI the power source is removable so you’re not that guy who plugged his suitcase into the wall at JFK). This high-tech bag also features a neat built-in scale system that connects via Bluetooth to your phone so the only thing that may be overweight is you after your holiday. Not that we’re judging. Are you actually travelling light or did you unknowingly pack those three extra pairs of shoes. Even if you do decide to take them, trust that there’d be enough space to hold them with the bag coming in a 22” carry-on option and a 28” checked size. To add to the list of features is a proximity sensor, just in case you might forget your bag at some airport all alone and unattended.  Priced at $295 and $395, these cases are a smart choice.

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