Reading: Highland Park Tempts Palates With Release of Freya

Highland Park Tempts Palates With Release of Freya

Highland Park’s bestows exclusive whisky offering straight from the heavens.

Freya has graced us with her presence.  Travelling all the way from one of the most remote Scotch Whisky distilleries in the world, Highland Park. The complex but beautiful characteristics of this 15-year-old single malt echo the alluring nature of the Norse Goddess of Love that inspired it. Freya is the third release in the highly successful Valhalla Collection; a concept motivated by a unique blend of malt and mythology. Seductive aromas of white chocolate give way to candied cherries. Your palate will be pleased by butterscotch, rose petals and tropical fruit with hints of Highland Park’s signature smokiness. Freya comes in an award-winning packaging reminiscent of a traditional Viking long-ship. Translation: this collector’s piece will look stunning on your bar cart. But with only 220 bottles available nationally, and just 50 being allocated to Ontario you might want to keep the temptress Freya behind locked doors.


Available at selected LCBO’s, $329.95