Reading: SLO the 3D Printed Camera

SLO the 3D Printed Camera

3D printing is awesome. Period.

Whether that’s because we are fascinated with the cultural ramifications of such innovation – or because we want to pretend we’re the Jetsons is a personal issue.

And now thanks to Amos Dudley one of those innovations is SLO, the fully functional, entirely 3D printed 35mm camera. All the components of this nifty gadget are modular, meaning they can be easily replaced if lost or broken – with your 3D printer! The creator of this fine project documented the entire creation process on his blog.

This isn’t meant to replace your fancy Nikon digital camera.  The camera still requires (not 3D printed) film, afterall.  One of the benefits is the bragging rights to say “I only take my pictures with my SLO 3D Printed camera.”  Through in a #nofilter when you post to make people jealous.

Check out Amos’ blog for the in-depth process and his flickr for sample photos or download the source files for your 3D printer.