Reading: TED Talks Your Boss Wants You To Watch at Work

TED Talks Your Boss Wants You To Watch at Work

Imagine if, in place of formal education, we could have been given a series of required TED talks to understand and be tested on. After all, the topics covered include social, economic, technological, inspiring, and more. That’s what my campaign will be based on when and if I run for office.

Until then, we have to settle for appreciating these expertly given and produced talks on our own time. Here’s the catch: there are hundreds upon hundreds of chats, making your job of sifting through them to find one relevant for you all the more time-consuming, while also making the result of disappointment and resentment towards TED himself almost a sure thing. We don’t want that.

Instead, I went through thousands of TED talks, painstakingly ranking each in order to present here the 5 very best of all time..,

Okay, no, obviously not. Rather, I’ve showcased talks that I’ve found useful at one point or another. Don’t worry, these aren’t ‘How to be a better person’ types of talks (I’m sure you’re an ace of a gentleman already), but instead just helpful chats for situations we all find ourselves in.

All I ask in return is, if you’re so lucky to give a talk yourself one day, to invite me with a VIP pass to boot.

When you’re procrastination runs so deep that you’re procrastinating by contemplating the very idea of procrastination:

Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator

We all do it (maybe you’re procrastinating by reading this article now), so might as well understand why. After all, why do things today that can be done tomorrow? Tim Urban, author of the terrific blog Wait But Why, dives into the workings of a brain desiring to consistently put things off. And he knows what he’s talking about: in preparation for giving a talk on the very subject, he still inevitably fell prey to it.

When Elon Musk has you wondering if space colonization will happen:

How Humans Could Evolve To Survive In Space

Putting your trust in the Tesla and SpaceX mastermind isn’t the worst idea, but this talk brings to light an alternate method of the non-earth living future we may very find ourselves in. If you want to know if it will be possible to be part human, part genetic mutation, this one’s for you.

When you’ve been told by everyone plus your grandfather to “Put that damn phone down”:

How Better Tech Could Protect Us From Distraction

Newsflash: Majority of your time spent flirting with technology is an absolute, complete waste of time. Really, it’s true. Designer Tristan Harris lays out why, even though we know this, we can’t help refreshing social feeds or scrolling through those useless posts (Did you just refreshed your feed?). He doesn’t stop there though; he also has a simple solution to get your attention off the phone and back on the dinner table.

When you realize your conversation skills may be in need of a refresher course (yes, that means you):

10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation

There are books, guides, and gurus all over who will claim to have the secret tips to being a great conversationalist; forget them all. That’s the first piece of advice from Celeste Headlee, interview aficionado to the stars. Everyone can learn something from this talk. Trust me. Here’s a clickbait headline for you: Number 4 is “Go With The Flow”. You won’t believe number 1!

When, after your third cup of coffee, you feel you can change the world:

The Gospel Of Doubt

Okay, I saved this one for last because this is as “cliché motivational talk “as I’ll get. This isn’t a ‘you can do whatever you set your mind to’ nonsense talk, but instead a personal story that starts with the disappointment of Y2K and ends with the closing of an extremely successful business because of one word: doubt. With just the right combo of inspiration and humor, this is one you may very well show to family and friends, coffee or no coffee.