Reading: The City of Wine is like Disneyland for Hangovers

The City of Wine is like Disneyland for Hangovers

There are a few ways you can become the go-to wine guy who, when the menu is carefully placed at your table, confidently takes control of the situation and guides lucky co-diners to a successful wining sipping experience.

You can hit the books, splurge and order the second cheapest bottle, or go to the city of wine.

Oh, you’d like to know more about the city of wine? It’d be an honor.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to book a ticket to France, a facility just opened in Bordeaux that lives and breathes (plus drinks, obviously) the sweet nectar of the Gods.

La Cite Du Vin, “The City of Wine” for those Gr. 8 French droppers out there, opened June 1st of this year with a mission to “give a different view of wine, across the world, across the ages, across all cultures and civilizations.” You’re probably included in that list somewhere.

There’s a whole mess of activities, exhibitions, tours and what not if the desire to enter wine-paradise should strike you. A quick peruse around the website will do the trick. If, however, you need more convincing to fly halfway around the world – or just don’t want to open another browser tab – here’s a shortlist of facility attributes that’ll open your mind and palette simultaneously to the possibilities that lay a mere plane ride away.

The building itself.

You can definitely judge this book by its cover, because this is not an architectural masterpiece you can miss, even if you try. The design symbolizes the swirling of a glass of wine that is done prior to tasting (you knew about that at least, right?) and the tangling of grape vines. The exterior also changes color based on the season, making it an easy choice for your next #nofilter post.

The Permanent Tour.

There are few beverages, if any really, that match the cultural impact wine has had throughout history. After taking in said impact on The Permanent Tour, an incredible guided and immersive journey through a 3000m2 event space, you will be – and you have my authority to call yourself this – an official Wine Guru. Just don’t get too snooty about it.

The Wine Bars.

The greatest thinkers past and present agree (probably) that our minds are at their best when under the influence, so take your time checking out the wines from 70+ countries around the globe available to your lucky self. You’re here to drink after all, so taste test each and every one. Just don’t forget to swirl.

This kind of memorable experience would make a great gift for just about anyone: Wine lovers, wine novices, those who desire to take the reigns on the wine-list selection, those who fantasize about being able to shut down the local connoisseur at that trendy restaurant, or those simply wanting to embrace their inner Tyrion Lannister.