Reading: How To Do Cannes, Sans The Film Festival

How To Do Cannes, Sans The Film Festival

Flights booked, hotel confirmed, and plans made. You’re heading to Cannes for the first time and, being the bucket-list sophisticated guy that you are, also plan to attend some festivities around the world renowned Cannes Film Festival. That’s some brag-worthy action right there.

But, being a workingman, you’re forced by “management” to delay your vacation by a week because a big client just signed on and they need all hands on deck.


You say yes in the moment because you’re an upstanding gent (who made sure he got 1.5x pay for the late notice), only to realize later that your dreams of partying with Leo on a private yacht and taking a run at Bella Hadid are shot because you’re arriving in Cannes a week late. The festival is, unfortunately, already wrapped up.

And now you find yourself in the Billionaires playground of the Cote d’Azur with only a plane ticket and luggage. What’s a guy to do?

Crickets? Fear not, luxury-seeking globetrotter. Cannes continues to function as a jet-setters paradise year-round, and we’re here to deftly lead you to the hot spots. So here’s your post film festival guide to the Festival City that is Cannes, France.

Where To Stay

Every high-end hospitality establishment has a home in Cannes, but let’s take it up a notch and find a boutique, brag-worthy place that can blend a one-of-a-kind experience with the glamour of Cannes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pretty tall order, right? That’s exactly what the Five Seas Hotel will bring you.

Calling itself the “Best kept Secret of Cannes”, this upscale Boutique is an escape nestled right in the heart of this hub of film history. From the private beach, to the rooftop pool, to the 5-star amenities, you’ll feel like a celebrity in town for a premiere (sorry, too soon?) without ever having to leave the property.

But that is in no way recommended. Let’s move on to the next issue top of mind:

Where To Eat

After about 5 seconds of taking in your surroundings, you might not think that you need help finding some stomach satisfaction.

You won’t go wrong using your own intuition to find some decent eats, but while you’re here, you may as well venture to the restaurants that are as synonymous with luxury and extravagance as the city is.

Seafood is, unsurprisingly, king here. Family run Tetou, only open to the public between March-October, has been perfecting the beachside seafood vibe ever since it opened more than, yes, 100 years ago. This laid-back eatery with its unmatched sights – right on the sand overlooking Golfe Juan Beach – and absolutely killer food deserves a visit (or three) during your stay.

For a more private, up-scale atmosphere, head west towards the peninsula of Pointe Croisette and stumble onto Baoli, where Mediterranean-Asian fusion reigns supreme. Being open till 1 am means this is a place where dinner can transition into late-night drinks.

Speaking of drinks, the next, urgent requirement for a great stay revolves around where to have said beverages:

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Where To Nightlife

In this case, you’re in luck. Cannes transforms into a different animal at night and is home to a variety nay, a plethora, of luxury clubs and hangouts that’ll line up perfectly with whatever you’re feeling.

Just a few steps south of Baoli is Gotha. 2500-person capacity, live DJs and a covered terrace with breathtaking views; you will feel the rush of city pump through you in this monster of a nightclub.

Looking for a more discrete, cocktail sipping locale? We feel you. Look no further than La Chunga. This institution’s been responsible for liquor-infused conversation since the 70s and keeps the lights on till 5 am every night.

And, if you’re feeling lucky, there’s a casino willing to take you on at every turn. We’ll leave that up to you and your intuition.

What Else?

No, we didn’t forget about the shopping. Promenade de la Croisette (The 2 km long, elegantly manicured boulevard that hugs the Mediterranean) and Rue d’Antibes are a match for any luxury shopaholic. This is where your funds should be directed.

If you’re looking for a little break from the blitzkrieg pace of the city, an afternoon spent in Le Suquet, also known as the Old Quarter of Cannes, is just what the doctor ordered. This winding road was home to a Roman (OG Roman) settlement in 154 B.C., and has housed monks since the 11th century. Le Suquet is where you can take life a little slower while enjoying the Cannes of yester-year, where the past and the present intertwine.

That’s all. Go on and enjoy this city of global envy. Frequent these locales, act like a celebrity, and who knows maybe you’ll find your way to a yacht party after all.

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