Reading: Wake Up Stylishly And Fully Caffeinated With The Barisieur

Wake Up Stylishly And Fully Caffeinated With The Barisieur

The sheet steal. The pillow pull. The toe tug. And who could forget the priceless “This is the last time I’m coming in here to try and wake you up” warning.

All tried, and miserably failed, attempts to awake a slumbering soul.

There is only one scientifically, empirically and categorically proven method of waking a sleeping giant, apart from the old Rooster routine, and it was leaked in one of the best TV jingles of all time:

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” You remember it.

Two things: 1) Apologies for getting that stuck in your head. But more importantly, 2) The cheery folks at Folgers were absolutely right. Once you actually got around to brewing (key step), there was/is/will never be a better way to put the ZZZ’s behind you.

That was the creative juice that fueled the engine of The Barisieur: The automatic (and stylish) brewer that does the hard work of getting your preferred beverage ready while you’re hitting that REM cycle, making sure you wake up the right way.


And, good news, it doesn’t matter where you stand in the coffee vs. tea debate. Whatever you brew, The Barisieur can do.

Regardless, it’ll be your new favorite thing to wake up beside.

The elegant science that gets your perfectly brewed beverage ready goes on while you’re busy getting some shuteye, so your contribution to the process involves a less than 60 second time commitment prior to shutting up shop for the night: Prepare your drink of choice, set your time of choice (5 mins before alarm, at alarm, 5 mins after alarm), then just wake up and enjoy. Rinse wash repeat.

Currently in the Kickstarter universe, this beauty should have no problem hitting its target before coming to a bedroom near you. Its mission is simple: Ensure your mornings start the right way, with sounds of gently bubbling water and the aroma of freshly brewed Cup o’Joe begging to be sipped.

It’s an impeccably designed and dapper product that’ll add a touch of caffeinated class to any bedside. Still waiting on word of a bacon-frying extension piece.