Reading: A 2019 Style Guide To Streetwear

A 2019 Style Guide To Streetwear

After all the New Year festivities are finished, reality finally sets back in. Constant daydreaming of warmer weather, frigid morning commutes, and a counting down the days until the weekend. For the fashion world, the beginning of the year is when all the fun begins. It starts with the menswear trade show Pitti Uomo, then followed by fashion week  in Milan , Pairs, London and New York. Runway collections that lean towards the avant garde always seem to make the average joe do a U-turn back to their tried and true plaid shirts slim denim. Street style on the other hand is much more relatable and gives a glimpse into how men in the industry are trying their hand at the most relevant trends. If you’re tired of your current look and need a pick me up of inspiration these photos are the shot espresso you have been searching for. Here is a breakdown of some of our favourite outfits that have been captured during the busiest times of the fashion calendar year.

No Such Thing As Logo Fatigue

When you spend thousands of dollars on a sweatshirt or bag there is a need to let anyone what you are wearing. Big flashy logos have been all the rage within high fashion for multiple seasons. There seems to be no slow down when it comes letting them be the highlight of your outfit, even if it come at the expense of being a walking billboard.

Bold Pants – The All In Style Move

When we think of going big in menswear, most of us think of a flashy top, or outlandish accessories that are able to take the outfit over the top. Pants that differ from conventional slim proportions, colour and print are currently the ultimate go big or go home style move. Be warned, this maneuver is not for the fashion rookie.

Man Bags Are Here To Stay

A year ago we wondered if the man bag have any longevity. Would men feel comfortable carrying one? What would it make us feel too feminine? It seems the overwhelming answer is we love them. They have transitioned from being a novelty item to becoming an stylish accessory that carries a functional purpose.  Rejoice guys, we no longer need to ask our wives or girlfriends to carry our belongings in their purse.

Prada Is Everywhere

We all know Gucci has become a street style mainstay due to it’s LOOK AT ME, I’M WEARING GUCCI maximalist designs. But if there is one other high fashion brand that is collectively being worn in Milan, Paris, and London it’s Prada. Whether it’s their cloudbust sneakers or the ever popular linea rossa sportswear line, the iconic red tag is everywhere this winter. Miuccia Prada’s line is not only living on the runway, it’s become integrated in  everyday style.

Looking Handsome Is Cool Again

Every January when Pitti takes center stage in the world of menswear, we are reminded how cool it is to look handsome. After multiple seasons of ugly sneakers, and oversized everything, seeing men embrace suting with all the trimmings has become refreshing again. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by fast paced micro trends turn to tailoring. It’s tried and true, and will forever be the backbone of menswear.

Leopard Print Dominating Streets

Not every trend in 2019 needs to be officially documented in a report by Vogue. If we see a bunch of men gravitate towards something on the streets, it’s more relevant and relatable to what is being sent down in the runways. One print that has caught the eye of many  photographers during these shows is leopard. The animal inspired pattern has been seen on coats, fleeces, and even being layered on top of each other. Yes it’s bold and playful, if you like go for it, don’t overthink it.

Fleece Crossing Into Fashion

When we think of fleece, images of startup and finance bro’s immediately come to mind.

In 2019 the fleece has crossed over to the world of fashion and menswear.  Some of the most stylish conscious men attending shows are rocking fleece zip ups dripping with swagger. They are being worn as centerpieces of outfits or as the perfect layering piece as men to battle the cold as men commute to different shows.

Volt Yellow Still Going Strong

We have seen an increasingly amount of volt sneakers in circulation in the later half of 2018. But in 2019 it seems that the vibrant colour is making its way into apparel and accessories as well. For men who are looking to be snapped up by the photographers, it’s become the go to accent of colour to get noticed.