20,000-Year-Old Iceberg To Land in Ottawa for Canada 150

A cold front is moving into Ottawa thanks to the presence of a 20,000-year-old iceberg.  To celebrate Canada’s 150th, Canada’s own Iceberg Vodka transferred one of Newfoundland’s

frozen giants from the Atlantic Ocean to a specialty Ice-Bus that has travelled across Southern Ontario this week, and is set to land in Canada’s capital tomorrow morning.

Canadians rarely get the opportunity to approach icebergs, as they can crumble and flip with no notice, making touching a floating ‘berg a terrifying proposition. Countless YouTube videos show well-meaning locals and tourists boating through Iceberg Alley, only to be caught by surprise when one of these monstrous structures collapses, creating a near tsunami of water and forcing them to return to land quickly. If you’re not careful, iceberg scenery can turn into screamery in an instant.

In preparation for our country’s sesquicentennial this weekend, Ottawans will have the chance to not only safely touch, but even taste an ancient piece of iceberg. Iceberg water tastes nothing like we’re used to as it froze before the last Ice Age when there was no air pollution. Based on recent analysis, iceberg water is some of the purest water in the world and more than 7,000 times more pure than tap water. It is for this reason that Iceberg Vodka, known as Canada’s vodka, uses this water to make its spirit, creating a vodka that offers an exceptionally smooth and uber-Canadian tasting experience.

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Ice-Bus 2

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