Reading: 5 Must-Reads Hitting The Shelves This Summer

5 Must-Reads Hitting The Shelves This Summer

To the dismay of Netflix executives, there is more than one way to pass the time than binge-watching Californication for the eighth err, second (phew, close one) time.

One of those ways is the provocative cocktail of dried ink, half-decent lighting, one bookmark and just a sprinkle of concentration. There are few things finer in life than finding yourself in a great read that you can’t put down yet dread hitting the last page of simultaneously.

And summer is when book publishers hit the turbo button, so a “great new releases to hit bookstores near you this summer you gotta check out” list is required to help you focus in on the worth-your-time page-turners coming out these next few sun-soaked months.

But let’s skip past the generic genres and categories you can discover at the local book nook. Unlike other entertainment mediums, books offer a unique opportunity to match your personality, emotion, and situation with a paired reading to a tee. Unfortunately, that capability is oftentimes cast aside as the practice of lumping great reads together in painfully generic categories such as ‘mystery’, ‘thriller’ or ‘sci-fi’ reigns supreme. The result is legitimate must-reads being a metaphorical pin in the haystack.

Let’s be better than that. Here are 5 titles coming to a bookshelf near you this summer that fit into real-life categories.


The “I’m Looking For A WTF Story” Read

Dark Night: A True Batman Story – June 21

Tall order? No sweat. Even if comics aren’t your thing (I’m definitely in that camp), this real-life story told in graphic novel form will do the job. In ’93, famous Batman writer Paul Dini got beat, savagely, to the point life was in the balance walking home from work one night. Paul narrates the chilling story in this memoir, with detailed accounts of how his created Batman characters played an active role in his recovery, both as a source of psychological torture and much needed comfort. To Paul Dini, Batman proved to be very, very real.


The “I Guess It’d Be Cool To Learn Something New, But It Needs To Be Interesting” Read

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune And Random Failure In Silicon Valley – June 28

To fill that request we head to Silicon Valley. Where money and technology grows on trees, right? Take an inside peak at what it takes to be part of the 3 comma club, who the true power players, and where the next Internet revolution will come from so you can act like a tech genius. Here’s the secret: Chaos Monkeys.


The “I’m A Sucker For A Great Mystery, But It Needs To Have A Twist” Read

All The Missing Girls – June 28

Think ‘Gone Girl’ on steroids. Days after Nicolette Farrell returns to her hometown where her friend went missing 10 years earlier, her neighbor disappears, leading Nicolette down a rabbit hole to find out what’s going on. Nothing too special with that story, right? Well, it’s told backwards, revealing key pieces to the puzzle in a tortuous reverse order. Zigging when it should zag, this will scratch that summer mystery thriller itch big time.


The “I’m Willing To Try Sci-Fi That Isn’t Harry Potter” Read

Dark Matter: A Novel – July 26

No flying broomsticks, magical castle or Voldemort here. A college professor gets knocked unconscious and wakes up to a hazmat-suit-wearing group of folks who greet him with the standard “Welcome home, friend”. This new world comes with some new realities: No wife or son here, and oh yea he’s a genius. So the question is, which world is real, and does it matter? This is an alternate destiny read that will leave you wondering if the fact you’re reading this sentence right now is real or fake.


The “I Want To Read A Book About History That Isn’t Dry” Read

The Perfect Horse: The Daring U.S. Mission To Rescue The Priceless Stallions Kidnapped By The Nazis – Aug 23

Good decision because this one is most definitely worth it. Circa WWII: A startling find in the briefcase of a German Spy leads American soldiers to uncover a secret, very real, plan of Hitler’s to capture the world’s finest horses to breed the perfect killing machine. With fear the horses will soon go the way of the glue factory, a small squad of Americans makes the decision to maneuver themselves behind enemy lines and find the priceless stallions before it’s too late. Somehow this isn’t a movie yet.