Reading: How To Win Valentine’s Day (And Beyond) With Your Outfit

How To Win Valentine’s Day (And Beyond) With Your Outfit

An eyesore of an outfit has the ability to put a damper on what could’ve been the perfect Valentine’s Day. If you are lucky enough to score a date on the 14th and show up in an unsightly fit, you can pretty much be assured there won’t be a second. Dressing for this force-fed, hallmark run romantic occasion is one of the few days of the year where your partner’s taste > latest trend. All that hype gear you have in your closet needs to stay in there when you wine and dine your current love. Here is a list of tasteful options to keep them in the mood instead.

Not Today: Ugly Sneakers

Chunky, thick-soled, eye-catching sneakers got the best of us. We collectively ditched our pristine minimalist Common Projects and Stan Smiths for something downright ugly (ugly is good in sneaker culture in 2018). Unfortunately, the only person who will be appreciating how much you spent on those Balenciaga Triple S’s is the hypebeast beside you during dinner. There are some trends that only the diehard fashion police will get. If your partner isn’t Kanye West, it would be a considered a crime to wear dad worthy menswear on a special occasion.  

Instead Wear: Nike Air Force 1’s

If you have to wear sneakers, go for a simple pair of Nike Air Force 1’s. The shoe is having a revival with the swoosh dropping the sneaker in a ton of fresh colorways. But since you don’t need all the extra sauce for this night, opt for the classic all-white pair. These shoes are chunky enough that it still stays on trend without offending anyone delicate sensibilities. You also won’t be too upset if you crease them, or get them a bit dirty if you have plans on getting down on one knee.

Keep it quiet: Loud Outfits

It was not that long ago where what was on trend was slim fits and tailored everything. Men’s fashion in 2018 could not be more opposite of where it was four to five seasons ago. There is now a heavy emphasis on baggy pants, large logos and a preference of maximum maximalist looks. But for just one day night, leave the flashy gucci tracksuit and track pants at home.  

Instead Wear:  APC

Keep things simple by sticking with the basics in your wardrobe.  Your V-Day fit is not really about you. By throwing on the basics you’re allowing your girl to get her shine on. You can never go wrong with APC. The french based brand has been pumping out tasteful basics for years. This pull lagoon cotton sweater will do the trick.

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Never okay: Valentines Day Inspired Outfits

There are some men that like to take Valentines day literally, and wear the holiday on their sleeves. Sweaters with big bold hearts, multiple cupids, or all red outfits (shoutouts to the Koolaid Man!). Sure a select few can make it work, while the majority will look like a walking cinnamon heart. We say skip it all together as most red inspired outfits are more meme-worthy than modern.

Instead Wear: Commes Des Garcon Play

If you really want to show just how excited you are to take out your loved one you can’t go wrong with Commes Des Garcon’s Play line. The playful line of not over the top shirts and sweaters gets uplifted with its playful non corny heart shaped logo.