Reading: A Travel Assistant in Your Wallet

A Travel Assistant in Your Wallet

It’s time to start planning your next vacation now.

CIBC Aventura will help you get to your next destination faster, and with less stress. Racking up points is easy when you take into account business expenses like dinner meetings, every Adobe product (x2), and about 20 espressos daily. So on a last minute business trip to Palm Springs, we decided to convert our heavily caffeinated rewards points into an amazing experience. With our hotel located slightly outside of the downtown core, a car would be essential to transform our luxury expedition into a life-changing experience. A quick phone call with an Aventura Travel Assistant helped us secure a car at the Enterprise closest to our resort (which luckily for us, also boasted a valet as one of its fancy AF amenities). We’ve never had a Travel Assistant before (for business or pleasure!), but it was definitely something the team could get used to. Your Aventura Travel Assistant goes beyond just booking your reward flight to helping you unlock your own unique travel experiences. Our business can be a logistical nightmare, constantly writing to-do lists (and checking them twice) so having a professional to assist in making a reservation was a weight off our shoulders. Less time worrying? More time designing magazine spreads!

We sacrificed a day of being lazy, lounging by the pool for a real adventure. With our goal in mind of reaching Joshua Tree National Park for sunset, we stuffed our fiery red Dodge Charger with equipment and set off into the desert. Renting a car, even if only for a day, always offers the ultimate freedom. No schedule. No route. Winding dirt roads brought us to a treasure hidden in plain sight – Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum -10 acres of bold, dystopian sculptures. And then finally to the iconic Joshua Tree Park where we stayed well after the sun had gone down to stand in awe, miles away from the light of the nearest city, to photograph the stars. The whole experience seared the unforgettable image of the desert into our soul.

The CIBC Aventura Card is definitely the ultimate travel companion. The flexibility of their travel points means you can book a full experience that’s customized to your needs – you can even trade them in for luggage. Aventura has changed the rules of the game. They aren’t just a credit card, they are a personalized travel service.

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with CIBC Aventura.