Who is SYLVANUS, anyway?

Sylvanus Urban Magazine was launched in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts Garrett Tonge and Sarah Wright.  Wait a minute?  You mean neither of you are named Sylvanus?   Is this a typo?   The oft mispronounced, Sylvanus Urban, was originally the pen name of writer, publisher and distributor of Edward Cave – better known as the man who coined the term “magazine.” Don't worry if the name doesn't wring a bell, Edward passed in 1754.  But his publication kept going!  The Gentleman's Magazine ran uninterrupted for almost 200 years, until 1922. Eat it VOGUE!  So you see Sylvanus Urban isn’t a single individual, rather a pen name of all the creatives on our team who have multiple roles and could never get the credit. As a small team writers are graphic designers, photographers sell ads, friends whose houses have insane natural lighting are set designers.  And of course should we ever need to pivot to steamy romances, our psuedoname is good to go.


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