Reading: CURV Appeal: Bulova Introduces Latest Engineering Feat

CURV Appeal: Bulova Introduces Latest Engineering Feat

We sit down with Susan Chandler, SVP of Product Development of Bulova to chat about classic watches, what to wear to an interview and the real value of time.

Can you give me the “Tinder profile” of Bulova’s background?

Bulova is 141 years old, created in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. We are artisans by nature, but engineers by trade. Bulova is about watchmaking at its finest, creating new movements and setting an innovative course for the company. We innovated the 218 movements around 1960 and that was the original Bulova Accutron.

What does the design of a watch say about the wearer?

Wearers today select the watch based on their lifestyle. And that’s not to say you have one watch, but many watches. Whether you are a business man by day and want something that’s appropriate for the office or hiking on the weekends and you ride a motorcycle. Everyone has a very diverse life outside of their work. When we talk to people, they always ask “what should I get?” Examine your lifestyle. What do you like to do? What makes you passionate? Bulova creates watches that live up to people’s lifestyles.

What are the elements of a watch that make it timeless vs. trendy?

Bulova is known as a more classic watch-house. What makes it trendy can many times be colour, it can be the size of the watch. It can be the shape of the watch. A classic shape is a round shape, it may or may not have colour on the dial, but it has a feel that is timeless, and Bulova is good at that. It’s one of our cornerstones. Colour of the strap, the size of the strap, the colour of the buckle. Ultimately if you’re looking for a classic watch you’re looking for something that you’re not going to hate in a couple of years.

What’s the impact of smart watches, with alllllll of their features, on a classic watch brand?

Smart watches make up approximately 6% of the watch industry globally. I think everyone at some point may want a smart watch in their wardrobe. It’s essentially an extension of your phone. But at 6% we know that customers are still looking for classic watches. We do what we do well. Smart watches fulfil a particular aspect of your lifestyle, but that one single thing doesn’t make up all the things that you do.

What’s the best way to extend the life of your watch?

Have it checked.

I think that’s just great life advice.

That’s right. Go to the doctor. Get a physical. Get your watch serviced.

Working in watches do you find that you value time differently?

I would say yes. I have a different respect for time. There are obviously a lot of jokes about time at our office.

Am I winding you up right now? Should I dial it down?

Exactly. And at the end of the day, we take pride being punctual, even starting meetings on time.

How-To-Wear-A-Watch-New-Bulova-CURVWhat happens to people that are late?

We start without them.

One of the worst fate’s to have at a meeting.

Following up on what you said before, you can pair a watch to different lifestyle choices. I’m going to list three events, and you can let me know what watch elements or qualities you would look for!

3rd Date? It’s going great, it’s not like a break-up.

You might be a little more adventurous. Throw some colour in there. Blue dials are great; it adds a little flavour and it’s America’s favourite colour. If you’re going somewhere casual put a nato strap, which is a more casual in itself as opposed to a crocodile or a bracelet watch.

An interview with a creative agency.

Something, like our CURV that has a real statement about it. You want to say that you’re as observant about the things that you put on your body as your job. And that’s going to tell them about you.

Finally, you’re going to the launch of a new watch.

Well, interestingly I’ve seen people come in with no watch because I think they want to try a few on.

If the watch fits!