Reading: We Interview Dan Aykroyd While Drinking Crystal Head Vodka

We Interview Dan Aykroyd While Drinking Crystal Head Vodka

Sylvanus Urban sits down with funny man Dan Aykroyd to chat about Crystal Head vodka, how to avoid hangovers and what drink he loves to serve Bill Murray. Listen to the unedited audio, in all of its vodka fueled glory, below!

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SW – Full disclosure, I’ve never interviewed someone that’s funnier than me so I’m really nervous. But I’ve also had a very responsible amount of Crystal Head Vodka so I’m feeling pretty confident.

DA – Four shots. And then sit down and have another couple. Go off until you’ve had the 8th, and the hangover starts after that. Eight shots, no hangover.

SW – Is that official advice from the medical board of Dan Aykroyd?

DA – From the owner of the company I can tell you that we don’t put Glyceride –which is a cousin of anti-freeze, glycol – we don’t put that in the vodka. And that’s what gives you a headache.

SW – Obviously you’re no stranger to the spirit world. You starred in Ghostbusters, arguably the most influential movie in film history. What was the catalyst for you to cross over into the realm of grain based spirit?

DA – Here is the logic. For years I have entertained, with collaborators who have given me the opportunity to make some of the best projects in history. Radio, television, records, movies. I was able to put good music in people’s ears, good images in their eyes, and now I have a tangible to put in the mouth.

SW – So admittedly I’m extremely shallow. The first time that I bought Crystal Head Vodka was because I thought it would look very handsome on my bar cart.

DA – Well you’re right!

SW – Obviously after I tasted it I was really upset that I’d shared any with any of my friends. It really pissed me off. So what is the challenge of having such god damn good packaging?

DA – The challenge is to put fluid in the bottle that matches the quality and the image of purity in the bottle. That’s why we did the fluid so cleanly. When my friend designed the bottle I was kind of parallel thinking. I wanted to do something clean, something that didn’t have the additives. Here he comes along with this bottle. It was the Crystal Head. The replica of the heads of the Navaho, the Aztec and the Mayans who all had them as crystal balls. To help see the future for the tribe, to help the positive enlightenment of the tribe. And so what we’re selling here is clean fluid in a bottle that says this is enlightened drinking. This is not drinking from the dark ages. This is luminous drinking. Everyone who tries this, because there is no glyceride, no sugar they come back and drink it again. They don’t go back to their old brands because it really works.

SW – A few more questions. You say no additives, no citrus oils….Usually I don’t respond well to hearing no. But in this case it’s actually a great representation of the purity and quality of the product. This must be amazing for bartenders! They must get all kinds of “mad scientisty” on that sh*t.

DA – You’ve nailed it right there. You’ve nailed it.

SW – So what has been the response and reaction from bartenders?

DA – They love it, because it’s the virgin slate. It’s a blank canvas. If you’re adding Red Bull, St. Germain, Elderflower, lime juice, all of it then why not add to something that has no additives. If a bartenders out there and they know they have the choice to make a cocktail without additives of course they’re going to go for that. It’s almost like the bartenders technical base. You want to smell and taste the ethyl alcohol and the water in your cocktail. You don’t want your cocktail mix to override it. And with Crystal Head it never does.

SW – So it’s the end of a long day. You and Bill Murray are ready to toast to another one of life’s great accomplishments, how are you serving Crystal Head Vodka?

DA – That would be the Bar Cart martini. 2 oz of Head, shaken with ice. A rinse of vermouth in the glass, a pearl onion and 3 olives. Vigourously shaken, poured up with ice chips in the glass.

SW – Dan Aykroyd, last question. What is the one item you never leave the house without?

DA – My Smith and Wesson automatic switchblade. It’s a seat belt cutter so in case you get in an accident.

SW – Dan Aykroyd, a hero as always.