Reading: Every Day Is A Vacation With A Camp Shirt

Every Day Is A Vacation With A Camp Shirt

Every summer there is one fashion trend that sets the tone for the season. Remember two years ago when everyone wore ripped jeans? Or last season when there was a visible amount of men walking around looking like Pepto Bismol bottles because pastel pink was the hotness? Editors, bloggers, and writers will at times try and cram a trend down your throat. A bitter pill to swallow for those who consider themselves ahead of the curve.  However, the trends that have the longest impact and widest reach are the ones which individuals naturally gravitate towards. These trends are the equivalent to neon sign that reads FREE PIZZA! to someone with no lunch. 

So far, Summer 2018 in the city can be summarized by the rise of Japanese style pancakes, The In My Feelings Challenge, and Camp Shirts. They made their debut on the backs on some men in 2017, and now become a staple for tons of dudes in the first half of summer. If you still don’t have one, here’s why there is still time to buy one and to rock well into Labour Day.


Who doesn’t want to look like Tony Montana on vacation?

As classic as a white t-shirt will always be, it starts to become mundane if that’s all you stick to. After so much of the same and plain, we did a 180, and began outfitting ourselves in funky clothing  paired with” I don’t give a fuck” attitudes. The camp shirt which was stereotypically for vacationing dad’s visiting Mykonos for the first time, has now become now only a fashion-forward staple. It’s a symbol for where the direction menswear is heading towards. For maybe the first time, we are allowed to have fun with clothing, and these loud AF shirts are at the forefront of this movement. The shirts are versatile. You can wear them with an array of shorts to your day party, or even underneath your suit and a pair of loafers if you have an outdoor wedding to attend. What attracts so many of us to the camp collar Is just how it gives off a laid back nonchalant vibe. Who doesn’t want to look like Tony Montana on vacation?


If you’re late and still don’t have a camp shirt in your closet this is best time to pick one up. For starters brands are beginning to clear up their spring/summer inventory to make way for fall/winter. This is that magical time of the year where you could potentially get fifty percent off or more, and still manage to get in multiple wears before the end of the heat wave. In terms of choice it is more difficult to find a brand that is not offering a camp shirt. If you want something that sits in the realm of high fashion, Prada has been at the forefront of the camp shirt movement. Their version features a mashup of two drastically vivid prints which has become a fan favourite amongst style conscious celebrities. If high fashion is out of your budget, these all over print shirts from OG streetwear brand Stussy are a solid option for those heat advisory weekends.The shirt is made from rayon, which will save you from melting into  a puddle of sweat, as the fabric is ultralight weight and breathable. If wearing in your face prints are not your speed, London based Folk offers a black dot print shirt. It’s the perfect shirt if you want something to stand out just enough but not loud enough to not  become the annoying and obnoxious guy at your social gatherings.