Reading: [FROM PRINT]: Interview with YouTuber Matt Santoro

[FROM PRINT]: Interview with YouTuber Matt Santoro

Former accountant and reigning YouTube sensation Matt Santoro is not shy of numbers. When Periscope retired the ‘Most Loved List’ with a ‘Trending List’ it immortalized the Canadian broadcaster as King, earning the love of 176 M hearts – the equivalent of a Facebook like but able to do infinitely. “10 Creepy Urban Legends that turned out to be TRUE!” also turned out to be his most viewed video, streaming over 10.5 M times. No wonder the self-proclaimed sloth enthusiast has no regrets about trading T4’s for top 10’s.

(Editor’s note: This interview was conducted moments after flushing my phone down the toilet.)You’ve clearly got this video sh*t locked down…for now. What’s the biggest challenge you face with technology’s changing landscape.

I put so much time into my YouTube career and trying to balance that alongside all the budding social networks that pop-up can get extremely time-consuming. Thank God I’m lucky enough to say that I love doing it otherwise it would just be a crushing amount of weight.

What’s next? Bubl? Drones? Super-drones? Virtual Reality?

My filmmaker friends make high-end drone videos. I also produce high-end videos. The difference is mine are all produced in my condo. I don’t need a drone. I’m a pretty big minimalist. I carry around as little tech as possible.

Me too. Since my tech is currently taking a swim. Do you think a minimalist approach has worked to your advantage?

What I’ve been able to do is expand my original operation. It’s still me. I’m still shooting. Just an upgraded camera and a slightly bigger team.   It’s an advantage to have a small team, doing as much of the work myself because is what maintains the authenticity.

You provide educational content. What websites on the Internet “school” you?

I do a lot of work with hair tutorials. Obviously.

What’s the difference between an interesting fact and a useless fact?

The person hearing it. Facts are universally facts. That being said I do think there are certain facts that are universally more interesting.

You’ve got great facial hair! What is your grooming schedule?

I was just talking to my personal stylist at Harry Rosen and we had a conversation about how we think that certain generations, especially the young generation, don’t take enough time to really groom themselves.

Don’t make eye contact with me when you say that.

There is nothing wrong with having a chill day but the era of the gentleman needs to come back. Of men taking pride in their appearance and going that extra step; put on a jacket, shave under the beard, use beard oil. These are all things that I do. Some may look at it like narcissism, but I just look at it as taking pride in my appearance. It’s a joy of mine to just leave the house and look nice. It’s especially nice if someone is like hey, you look kind of good today.

One of the reasons I love being a writer is because I’m afraid of cameras and not keyboards. What is your advice to someone who is camera shy?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

When I first started making videos I didn’t know what my on camera presence was. Now I’ve learned when I’m trying to portray something how to move my face. I know exactly how that’s going to look on camera. You get better at basketball the more hoops you shoot.