Reading: Holiday Gifts for The Discriminating Man

Holiday Gifts for The Discriminating Man

Despite what other holiday gift lists say, there are the guys who frown upon receiving a gift card to the local liquor store, raptors tickets, or an OVO branded sweatshirtWe all know that one guy who excudes “renaissance man vibes”. The guy who prefers to drink only old world wines, who know’s the name Demna Gvasalia, who insists on listening to his music on vinyl. What do you gift that guy?  

Le Labo Discovery Set

Designer colognes are a lot like table wine.  They are just good (not great)  and you can’t really decipher from one bottle from the other.  Le Labo’s scents are much more like a french Burgundy Grand Cru. The specialty perfumery scents are all mixed in-house and the nose is known to develop over the course of an evening. Narrowing down your favourite scent can be just as difficult as choosing between Pinot Munier or Cinsault.   Luckily the discovery set from Le Labo is a sample selection of their most popular fragrances so you don’t have to commit to a signature scent just yet.


Mr. P Striped Knit Rollneck Sweater

With winter in full effect for the next 12 weeks, this Striped Knit Roll Neck sweater from Mr. Porter’s newly released in-house line will be in full rotation. It’s equally at home in the city on the weekends or as it fireside at a decked out airbnb ski lodge. You’ll be breaking ton’s of necks (not ski related!), with everyone around you doing a double take secretly whispering “where the hell did you get such a swagged out turtleneck?” The sweater is made in Italy from a blend of merino wool and cashmere and classic white and black stripes makes it classical and also wearable no matter where the gift receiver lies on the sartorial scale.


Monogram Reigning Champ Robe

After the festivities of New Year’s Eve it’s completely socially acceptable to hibernate until at least March. Rather than fight wind and chill temperatures, why not give the Netflix and uber eats warrior the ultimate accolade with this Reigning Champ robe. Made from their signature midweight terry cloth, this boxing inspired robe is the ideal post holiday stay in outfit. For a limited time, the Canadian sportswear company is offering a monogramming service free of charge.


Sneakers The Book

This coffee table book takes a deep dive into the history of sneakers as well as their cultural impact today. You can expect exclusive interviews from the biggest players in the game such as Ronnie Fieg and Virgil Abloh.  And unlike the pair of kicks he wants (the Nike X OFF White Collab) you can take this gift out of the wrapping without ruining the resale value.


Genius Pipe

Put down the Cheetos and retire that goofy bong from your college years. The Genius Pipe removes any stigma that weed is essentially only for unemployed stoners. The pipe features a patented design that cleans and cools the smoke giving you a smooth smoking experience. The design of the pipe is discrete, and minimalist, meaning whoever you gift this to won’t get that much of the side eye when they display it prominently on their desk.


Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide

The ideal gift to give an aspiring foodie (or just someone who is looking to eat out less) is a sous-vide machine. These things are essentially idiot proof (you can actually type your questions into Facebook Messenger so you don’t even have to google the perfect temp for a hangar steak) and will have you feeling like a Master Chef sans the swearing. The Joule Sous Vide is the smallest yet the most powerful sous vide the market with temperatures and cooking times are controlled by a dedicated app on your phone. 


Coffee Subscription From The Roasters Club  

Is there anything more luxurious than getting coffee delivered directly to your door?  No more picking up a Starbucks latte out of sheer necessity for caffeine.  A subscription from the Roasters Club is the go-to gift for any java heads. Every month subscribers get three 4oz pouches of either ground or whole bean coffee that equates to 35 cups.  You also get detailed a guide on the tasting notes and information on the independent roaster.