Reading: How To Live Like The Jetsons

How To Live Like The Jetsons

Welcome to the future! Give your 13-year old a high-five because with today’s advances in technology and home automation, your house is essentially one giant computer.  Gone are the days where waking up on a frosty Winter morning means putting your feet on a cold floor, or wondering whether you left the garage door up when you ran out of the house in a caffeinated frenzy. We sat down with expert John King, License Partner of Engel & Völkers Ottawa Central on how to invest in home automation technology that will upgrade your house from Flinstones to Jetsons.

Is home tech a good investment?  Is it just something fun to post on Facebook or does it increase the resale value of a home?

Yes, it most definitely is. It increases the value and marketability of a home. Technology grants homeowners with more creative control, allowing for transformation of a space that is uniquely their own – fitting personal preferences, needs and tastes. Today we are seeing the adoption of tech integration into mainstream thinking with buyers now expecting homes to come equipped with the latest advancements when shopping for properties.

Home Automation Tech Shangrila Suite
Kiss cold mornings and Netflix on the iPad goodbye. Shangri La Suite 6002 featuring 20-foot descending screen that turns the space into a media room and heated flooring in all bathrooms.

Should tech be visible or integrated seamlessly?  Is home tech fashion (sweet lighting) or function (robot lawnmower)?

Discrete tech is a must. Most clients look for a seamless integration in their homes (e.g. hide all TV components except for the screen itself). They want all controls to be mostly invisible and at the tip of their fingers. Style is as important as function and there is definitely a design component as integrated tech design is often associated with modern finishing and clean lines. However, the motivation behind most tech installation is rooted in functionality.

What should people be aware of before installing tech into their home?

One thing to be aware of are the home requirements for the smart tech itself. For example, wireless devices still require wires at some point, just less of them and more invisible. Thus, during the renovation or building process, when walls and ceilings are exposed, it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to plan out the wiring infrastructure ahead of time.

Home Automation Technology Steve Miller House
Steve Miller’s House will strike a cord with music fans, featuring a climate controlled instrument vault and Control4 Smart Home Automation System.

What are some examples of entry-level tech and what are examples of more futuristic, Jetsons-style tech?

Examples of entry-level tech commonly include smartphone-compatible technology with customizable lighting, climate control, wireless music and video security systems. Smart speakers too have become mainstream making it easy to integrate technology into your home, however, the price of these devices increase with quality. A step up from this type of home automation include futuristic technology like automatic window shades, central lighting controls (one-switch to turn on/off, various mood settings, time control) and heated floors.

What area will be the next big advancement in home tech? (Security? Appliances? Security-appliances?)

Smartphone technology will be the next big thing in new homes amongst young, tech-savvy homebuyers entering the market. Amenities such as controlled heating, music, lighting and security from smartphones are becoming more prevalent due to its convenience and easy integration. Home theatres and entertainment systems are also rising in popularity through screen automation, projectors and surround sound speaker improvement. Buyers are designing these personalized family entertainment rooms decked out with the newest tech by providing a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home.

home automation technology vancouver home
Long list of features 100” projection TV + surround sound in home theatre, Lutron RadioRa2 lighting control system, radiant heating on main living and bedroom floors, URC home automation system (lighting, audio, security, pool controls), Premier Audio Video Integration (Audio/Video/Security Controls), Security + Surveillance system.