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How To Outerwear

People living on the east coast understand that having a solid jacket is your lifeline. There is no phone a friend or 50/50 when it comes to surviving winter. At certain, bone-rattling point, every season layering is no longer enough. There is only so much a turtleneck can do anyway. It’s at this point where you need to rely on a coat to do all the heavy lifting during the multiple snowstorms, brisk winds, and well-below-freezing temperatures that are inevitably coming our way. Here is our guide on how to purchase outerwear this season.

If You Are Looking For New Outerwear BUY IT NOW


Every year there will be a group of people who are scrambling, looking for a new jacket at the exact moment the weather turns to shit. Instinct will tell you when the temperature officially begins to drop the time to be shopping for that new winter jacket. Unfortunately, the fashion retail cycle does not align with our calendar. Shops start to sell outerwear in August. People in the know, understand this. While it might seem odd to purchase your winter coat when it’s 20 celsius, this is the move if you want to have your pick of overcoats and parkas. Wait until November and December? You run the risk of fighting off every man, woman, and child for the last sizes.

Don’t Throw on The Winter Parka Too Early


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Now that you’ve purchased your coat, we understand how excited you are to finally wear the damn thing. But, one of the cringiest rookie mistakes is to wear your shiny new winter jacket when it explicitly does not call for it yet. We’ve all seen this guy on the subway. It’s a balmy 12 degrees and standing right in front of you is a dude in the whack winter fit aka a winter parka layered under some crummy graphic t-shirt. Don’t be that guy. Fall is the season most outerwear enthusiasts get excited about since you can play around with layering your pieces. Throwing on a big winter jacket in October is like telling everyone you need to work on your style. Or you work from home.

Don’t Be Cheap


I have a personal rule when it comes to outerwear, and that is “don’t be cheap.” If you invest in a good parka or overcoat, and it will last multiple seasons. It can be tempting to opt for the much more affordable fast fashion options, but what separates the two are the details, which are magnified, once temperatures begin to chill. The fit and finish, the inner linings with soft fleece, the ribbed cuffs and collars to help stay warm, these are details that can only be appreciated once you are freezing your ass off. A thousand dollar parka isn’t that pricey anymore once you do that math that you can wear it day in and day out over the next three winters. If buying retail just isn’t in your budget, look at the secondary menswear market. You can find many outerwear gems on Grailed for a fraction of what you would pay from a retailer.

Stick With the Classics


While it sure is trendy and fun to hop on a sarcastically oversized coat from Balenciaga, the odds of it making it past fall winter 2019 is slim (lol. Sticking with classic outerwear silhouettes and brands that formed the backbone of their business on jackets is never a bad idea. You want something that lasts, and the classic brands have been churning jackets that have been keeping men warm for decades. Whether that’s the infamous Canada Goose, Barbour, North Face, Mackintosh, Arc’teryx Veilance, all these brand have found the perfect balance between style and function.