Insane Innovations Hitting the Road in BMW 7 Series

Luxury electric car manufacturer, Tesla Motors, gets a whole lot of love for their high-tech vehicles. But the new BMW 7 Series is unapologetically accelerating into a leader of absolutely insane innovations. Of the jaw-dropping 24 new innovations, half are segment exclusives – including one, which is illegal in the US. Here are some of the most fun features of the tech-laden sedan:

Gesture Control

Flip the bird to Siri’s voice command, this is the future. The 7 Series BMW is equipped with a touchscreen that, thanks to an infared camera, doesn’t even need to be touched to activate certain controls. Finally you can ignore calls with a quick swipe or crank your favourite tunes by twirling for fingers clockwise.



Touch Command Tablet

If you don’t feel like waving your hands around in the air (like you just don’t care), grab a seat in the business-class-style backseat. Take control with the 7 Series bespoke, Android-powered Samsung tablet, the BMW Touch Command. Integrated into the armrest, the tablet can control everything from audio and entertainment to mood lighting. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of comfort, relax in the lap limo-y luxury. 


Legroom. For days.

Remote Control Parking

The BMW’s Parking Assistant makes light work of steering, gear-shifting, acceleration and braking operations. Parallel parking? No worries. Perpendicular parking? Didn’t even know that was an option. The feature is also worth a special mention because the feature is so cool it’s actually illegal in the States. And we are all guilty of wanting what we can’t have.


Always between the lines.

Wireless Charging Pocket

Throw your phone into the abyss and retrieve it, fully juiced. It also comes in handy for recharging your BMW Display Key, a gorgeous FOB whose color touch display can remind you when you’ve left your sunroof open.


More power!

Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof

Everyone looks better with ambient light. At night, etchings in the moonroof glass strikes an imprinted graphic creating the effect of a starlit sky available in six different color schemes.


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