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Light It Up

Lighting is more than just a safety precaution, ensuring that your path from point A to point B is illuminated enough to avoid a rogue pair of sneakers left to clutter the hallways after a long day.  The right lighting can create ambiance, set the mood for guests, and elevate your rooms’ design quicker than you can say “Clap on. Clap off.”


The Union series from Shelter Bay will brighten the day of any aspiring interior designer.  With a colourful array of cords, cages, finishes (hello, oil slick!) and shades the options for illumination are endless.  The real pot of gold at the end of this rainbow? All components range in price from $70 to $90, meaning you can create custom lighting on a dime.  Starting at $70 from Shelter Bay.



The Slab light speaks volumes about award-winning designer, Lukas Peet’s ability to create a lighting series that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. While the luminous acrylic steals the show (form), its dense felt covering reduces ambient sound by absorbing sound waves (function). Perfect for when you’re throwing subtle shade to the table next to you. $1072.50 for SLAB 90 from ANDlight. 


03. EYE, SPY

If you’re searching for the perfect pendant light, look no further than ANONY’s Ohm fixture. These golden globes feature an orbital shade, a design-element inspired by the human eye. Lowering the “eyelid” controls the lights’ output, giving your space a cheeky wink (and potentially alluring an attractive stranger from across a crowded room). $395 sold individually from ANONY. 



The Toronto based duo behind the Distillery Districts Lightmaker Studio are known for fusing vintage and mid-century influences into one helluva modern fixture, and the Float Wall is no different. Part sculpture, part sconce this collection would look just as at home in the entrance of a converted loft as it would in the lobby of Miami’s Delano hotel, making this local gem an international sensation. Starting at $4600 from Lightmaker Studio.