Reading: Music Hound // All Aboard the Soul Train

Music Hound // All Aboard the Soul Train

Soul Music, what does that mean to you or I? We all know about the greats like Aretha Franklin, Motown, Sam Cooke, and how Otis Redding drowned in Lake Monona crushing the hopes and dreams of Stax Records. They are undoubtedly the standards. Where do we go from here? Today we see a new school of artists who have kept the faith, and now their time has come. Struggling amongst all the fruit loops beats and autotune chipmunks. They have become the antidote and are now devoted to delivering the gospel of soul and are more than willing to shout it from the mountaintop, “Respect Yourself”.

Soul is here to stay. What we love about Soul is its pure musicality. The voice that sings 100% real; and the rhythm section that cruises with 100% authenticity. When you hear it, you know it. A luxury hard to come by these days. I could name the tracks and the artists in the mix below, but Music Hound would rather you listen to the whole set and soak up the warmth of S.O.U.L Music today. 60 minutes of pure modern soul delivered to you on a Bullet Train.