Reading: Music Hound // Another View from the 6ix

Music Hound // Another View from the 6ix

It seems this past week we reached peak Drake as his latest album, ‘Views’, hit the top of the charts yet disappointed artistically. In response, Music Hound has sought out 5 up-and-coming rappers who appear on their way to replacing Drake as Hip Hop music’s new sensation. Here are 5 tracks below to get you familiar with these artists and their platinum sounds.

Chance the Rapper feat Saba – Angels

Where to start with Chance? I have loved this kid, since his first mixtape, ‘Acid Rap’. He brings such an infectious joy to the form of hip hop that is so lacking these days. His latest mixtpape ‘3’, is being released this week and it I know it will be will be stellar. It is time for this student of the game to graduate. The video for this banger is also one of the best of the year!

Jazz Cartier – I Know

I know for the past year we have all been looking for the latest heir to Drake in the Toronto hip hop scene, look no further than here. Jazz Cartier has the lyrics and most importantly the groove to continue the popularity of the 6ix in both the club and on the radio. It won’t be long now till Jazz Cartier is making his mark on the Billboard charts.

Kaytranada feat Anderson Paak

Anderson. Paak first came to prominence last year on Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’ album,  which went straight to number one on the charts with a bullet. Since then, Paak released ‘Malibu”, considered by many to be an early contender for record of the year. This track, produce by young Montreal artist Kaytanada, shows off all his skills from his fired up rapping to smooth as silk soulful vocal stylings. Also y’all should be listening Kaytranada’s album, 99%, right now which includes this cut, as it is all killer and no filler.

Alan Kingdom feat Chronixx – Fables

Bustin out of the northern lights of Minnesota, I love this guy’s soulful gospel style. And then the track brings out reggae conscious legend Chronixx layin’ down the Rastatruth; it is a beautiful combination to lift us higher. His most recent record is full of such sonically joyful surprises.

Goldlink – Spectrum

The dirty south is always the producing the best young rappers on the scene, in this case Virginia’s Goldlink hits the dance floor hard. No trap here, just a rapid fire delivery over fresh beats that will set the roof on fire. Love this track x 100. Anytime, I see a track with Goldlink’s name on it I listen to it immediately and he rarely disappoints.