Reading: Music Hound // Fantastic Female Artists

Music Hound // Fantastic Female Artists

There is a new crop of female artists taking the best from past vocalists like Stevie Nicks, Karen Carpenter, Enya, and god forbid early McLachlan. Then they marry this to the grooves of new technology. I am sure they all wear their jeans high waisted like Barb in Stranger Things. I like to call them the new wave of Mom Pop.

Bernice – St Lucia

I have a soft spot for Enya’s Orinoco Flow and then lay those vocals over an 808 State late 90’s house groove. Just just beam me up to Saint Etienne heaven, forever.

Smerz – Blessed

Their second time appearing in Music Hound and for good reason. Could be my favourite new artist of 2016. In their video  for this track they’re dressed like Madchester taken over by nerdy Danish librarians. I am sure Shaun Ryder would not approve. I approve.

Allison Crutchfield – Dean’s Room

Feels like a lost 80’s hit from the ‘Pretty in Pink’ soundtrack. Except. what if the she really chose the right “one” in the end. That happy ending, soundtracked by New Order with synthesizer player, Gillian Gilbert, finally on lead vocals.

Weyes Blood – Seven Words

I imagine hearing this on the car radio in the Seventies like a lost Carpenter’s classic, on a hot sticky afternoon while driving with the top down through the desert in Nevada. Desperately speeding away from the one you love.

LIV – Wings of Love

A Scandinavia supergroup fronted by everybody’s favourite Swedish songstress Lykki Li. This is what Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk should have really sounded like. Less Lindsey Buckingham and more Stevie.