Reading: Music Hound – Songs That Feel As Good As Sun On Your Face

Music Hound – Songs That Feel As Good As Sun On Your Face

Of course, Music Hound damn well knows that there are still some days to enjoy in spring but in the world of music isn’t it over already? Once June hits, it’s all about the tunes of the summer so we thought it would be the right time to talk about some of this past spring’s biggest choons and make a playlist as we love to do. A few quick thoughts.

  1.  I bet everyone knew the new LCD Soundsystem would be amazing (which it is), but who would have thought Selena Gomez would have a pulled off such a stunner with, “Bad Liar.” In a brilliant move she samples Talking Heads to give the track instant cred. If you have bothered to listen yet, then instantly hit play now.
  2. An artist to really keep an on eye is Japanese Breakfast. She practically owned Toronto with a weekend residency at the Silver Dollar during Canadian Music Week and then followed that by opening for Slowdive at only the hottest live ticket of the last month. Her latest track dives into the Bjork “Debut” era with ease, quite a contrast with her past jangly indie pop.
  3. And finally, did anybody else find the album rollouts for both Father John Misty and Mac DeMarco pretentious and contrived in their own peculiar ways? Both records themselves are passable but nowhere near as great as their last ones. A little old hat, me thinks.

Spring is all about change, so it’s time to move on then to new artists and sounds! Check out our Video Pick Six and then an 80-minute playlist for your listening pleasure.

The Blaze – Territory

Dubby house music done correct for sure, but what really elevates this French (via Algeria) duo’s work are each song’s video accompaniments. Their whole visual EP is worthy of all the recognition and views it is receiving on Youtube. Huge in their homeland, it would be amazing to see them get more love in North America.

Nite Jewel – 2 Good 2 Be True

Ramona Gonzales aka Nite Jewel, is one of LA’s biggest shining musical lights at the moment. But expect no La La Land crap here, she creates funky disco/proto-house tracks that would have just as easily been at home at the Danceteria in New York circa 1982. Similar to Madonna’s “Borderline” sounds but done in a deliberate lo-fi fashion.

KWAYE – Cool Kids 

London-based artist Kwaye, himself, is a whole new level of cool. He could be one of those generational shift kind of artists and he makes me feel very old. His sound is like Afro Pop meets 80’s funk-lite with this vocal sweetly grooving over top. We are in awe of this video that features his Matrix fashion style along with vogueing dance moves. Next level.

TOPS – Petals 

Yes, we know this is twee hipster shit but it is also musical gold. This Montreal quartet loosely associated with Grimes, are currently making some of the best indie music in the world. It’s like Fleetwood Mac meets C86. It also doesn’t hurt that they have perfected the Value Village vintage look and make dorky cute videos.

Methy Ethel – Ubu 

Australia continues to put out the most creative and yet catchy Indie rock since Brit Pop’s heyday. It feels like every month, there is some sweet new band worthy of your love. Enter the arty stomp rock of Methy Ethel to get your heart pumping and make you ask the big question, “Why Did You Have To Go and Cut Your Hair?”

Mr. Jukes ft Charles Bradley – Grant Green

Mr. Jukes is the solo project from lead vocalist Jack Steadman of Bombay Social Club, but rather than featuring his own voice exclusively, it is a collaborative record a la The Gorillaz. Judging from the vintage funk and soul-sampling production, he also clear enjoys the Avalanches and the Dust Brothers. Here he enlists an over-the-top vocal performance in pleading lover man fashion by Charles Bradley of Daptone Records fame. This animated video and song is just way too much fun.