Reading: Music Hound: Exploding Back On The Scene with Your Spring Playlist

Music Hound: Exploding Back On The Scene with Your Spring Playlist

Just like you need to clear out your wardrobe when the seasons change, it is also a good idea to clear out your musty old musical playlists. Here are 5 essential new artists that you need to add to your playlist this spring (once you’ve made the room of course!).

Alexandra Savior

This Portland-based chanteuse has been bubbling under the pop radar for the last couple of years and her time has finally arrived to be this season’s “it girl”. Dedicated fans of the Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner most definitely have been following her ascension as he has been helping with the creation and production of her debut album, ‘Belladonna of Sadness’. Think the retro pop vibe and vintage chic of Lana Del Rey, with a touch of British mordant wit, and the spooky vibes of Twin Peaks. Dripping of pure cool.

Little Cub

Brits just seem to make mopey dance music better than anywhere else on the planet. Which bring us to upstarts, Little Cub, who are gently following in the footsteps of such electronic giants as New Order, Hot Chip, and Bloc Party. I would love to see club nights focusing on Indie Dance music again and I see acts like Little Cub taking this sound to the next generation. Their album, ‘Still Life’, will be released at the end of the April and will sound incredible on vinyl, on the most discerning hipster’s hi-fi.


This Australia quintet who now reside in Berlin, would have fit seamlessly into 1977. Not Punk 1977, but with the disco sounds of legends like Chic and the Bee Gees. On top of that they have a wacky fashion sense that will have the most die-hard vintage shop fashionista go, “bravo”. But what makes this band really special is when they perform live. I cannot think of better band that can lock into a killer groove and then hit with their thrilling falsetto harmonies. These lads are special and are guaranteed to be huge!


The last few years have been a new golden era of R&B and there currently seems to be no end in sight. Especially in the UK as we see a new generation of singers for whom Amy Winehouse or Sade are their queen bees. Hence the more jazzy and laid-back soulful sounds of this upcoming London vocalist, Cosima. Her voice is so rich with emotion and range that you will not be able to listen without the hairs on your arms standing on end. 110% class.


Last summer here at Music Hound we picked one of Khalid’s tracks to be an “alternative” song of the summer. Well our timing may have been off by a bit, but this American teen has become the first breakout artist of 2017. Just in the last few weeks he has performed his hit “Location” with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon and then daytime TV with Ellen, surprising audiences with his effortless cool and that voice beyond his years. His album ‘American Teen’ is chock full of hits and we will be hearing this kid (literally) everywhere, this summer.