Reading: Nordés Gin Puts Galicia On The Map

Nordés Gin Puts Galicia On The Map

Inspired by a fresh, northernly wind which breezes across the mesmerizing shores of Galicia, Nordés Gin will (literally) blow you away.

Truth be told, I used to live in Spain and yet despite my close proximity and deep fondness for wine, Galicia had never made a mark on my radar. And yet, hidden in the far north-west corner of Spain, Galicia has been on the map of wine-lovers worldwide for eons for its winemaking traditions. #travelfail A far cry from the sun-soaked, tourism drenched beaches of Barcelona, the Galician landscape looks a lot more like Scotland than San Sebastian. The deep green valleys and lush vegetation, nourished by ocean moisture, make the perfect terrain for Alabriño – a super-tasty varietal celebrated for its high-acidity, invigorating citrus flavours and subtle saltiness. (Side note: If you’re still having trouble locating Galicia you can reference the Nordes gin bottle, where a red exclamation mark indicates its position.)

But back to Gin!

Most gin on your bar cart is made with a neutral grain spirit, like wheat or barley. Gin can have any base spirit, and as long juniper is prevalent, then it’s gin. The first thing that truly stands out about Nordés Gin is the fact that the base spirit is made from the Albariño grape. And while gin definitely has to be juniper forward, that doesn’t prevent distillers from adding their own unique blend of botanicals. Nordes Gin has a magical mix of 11 botanicals, 6 of which are local to Galicia, 1 of which I had never heard of. (It’s glasswort, a salty, fleshy and delicious succulent that makes an excellent snack if you can source it).

It’s also the delightful complexity of the spirit that allows you to have fun when it comes to happy hour. On the rocks, you’re able to enjoy its purest expression – highly aromatic and slightly sweet on the palate. Or great creative with cocktails (my new summer favourite is included below).

Even the bottle’s design is a symbol of its origin, inspired by the traditional ceramics of Sargadelos.

Nordés is now available at the LCBO for $39.95. 


Galicia is know as “terra de meigas” or land of witches. The Nordés Galician Queimada is a tribute to a traditional Galician drink that was used to ward off theses witches. This updated version focuses on freshness and can be used as a new ritual to chase away the ‘meigas’, vanish worries or simply have a great time in good company. Witches need not apply.


• 1½ oz Nordés Gin
• The juice of half a lemon
• ¾ oz ginger syrup
• A touch of Albariño wine
• 3–4 coffee beans
• Glasswort seaweed


1) Pour Nordés Gin into a cocktail shaker with ice, lemon juice, and ginger syrup.
2) Shake vigorously for 10 seconds, then strain into a wine glass with ice.
3) Add a splash of Albariño wine.
4) To garnish, flame a lemon peel to release the aroma of the essential oils into the drink. Top with a few coffee beans and the unmistakable glasswort.
5) Serve immediately!

This post was brought to you in partnership with Nordés Gin. Obsession with the Quiemada cocktail is completely our own.