Reading: [FROM PRINT]: Vollebak Creates The World’s Most Relaxing Sweater

[FROM PRINT]: Vollebak Creates The World’s Most Relaxing Sweater

It’s hard to find tranquility in a restless city – let alone suspended off the edge of a sheer cliff face or mentally preparing for a trek through the Sahara.   Luckily, hi-tech sportswear company Vollebak – Flemish for “going all out” – has created a product that is engineered to soothe those with a need for the extreme. Founders Nick and Steve Tidball are no strangers to managing fear and pressure. The duo successfully navigated the tricky terrain of an advertising agency, as the former creative directors at TBWA.

But ultimately it was their passion cycling, surfing and any competition prefixed with ‘ultra’ that led them to create the world’s most relaxing zip-up sweatshirt. When fully zipped, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie floods your field of vision with ‘Baker Miller Pink’  – a specific shade proven, from experiments carried out in the 1980’s, to lower heart rate – and a mesh visor regulates the wearer’s breath. It also comes loaded with a soundtrack of pink noise. And for those who are cubicle warriors rather than extreme adventurers – zip up and ignore Frank from accounting with an ‘ultra’ nap.

Available at, £220.00