Reading: Should a Grown Ass Man Wear a Football Jersey?

Should a Grown Ass Man Wear a Football Jersey?

Every four years casual football fans go through the same dilemma. We want to support our teams wholeheartedly, channeling our inner hooligans, but the dilemma arises: should we don our jersey in public? The barometer on wearing a football kit changes. Some have no issue sporting a twenty-year-olds name on their back, while others no matter how much they love the beautiful game, do so in the disguise of socially accepted casual clothing.

It’s understandable that some of you camouflage your national pride in the form of stock polos and t-shirts. For starters, consistent jersey wearers either haven’t hit puberty yet or are such avid followers of their team that they are currently in Russia. Ready to either throw haymakers if there is losing or light up a flare in the stands if their team is in the lead.

All Footie fans understand when you passionately follow your team, there’s always an aesthetic risk from donning your team’s uniform. Of the rarest of times, you win the style lottery, and the country you support designs a uniform that is deemed an instant classic (Hello Nigeria!). For the rest of us, it means having to fork some hefty dollars for a shirt that you know doesn’t pass the eye test. We all know the Swiss are great friendly people. We all love their watches and their chocolate, but imagine having to walk around town with this uniform? You might be better off eating a solo fondue meal at home with the game on in the background.

This is the first time in World Cup history where you could potentially wear a kit to work instead of hiding one in your bag, only to see the light of day when you’re playing hooky to watch the big game. In 2018, the only shit you’ll find yourself in for wearing Messi on your back in the office is the amount of trash talk you are likely to receive from your fellow co-workers.

The football jersey is one of the more transferable silhouettes in all of the sports. The transition from the pitch to the streets is seamless when you compare it to other sports such as basketball. It’s mostly a just a t-shirt made from high-end tech fabrics. These shirts are designed with function in mind. The goal is to keep the athletes as cool and dry as possible. Adopting one into your rotation of shirts in the middle of summer is certainly not a bad play.

For all you bankers and finance guy’s, who still swear by starchy dress shirts and crisp polo shirts, wearing sportswear has become the norm. We are living in the golden age of athletic apparel. Fashion’s obsession with sports silhouettes has been dominating the runway for multiple seasons. Even if you don’t support any of the thirty-two teams, there are other options they can be worn well after the tournament is over.

If you want to be with it and get street styled, wearing a retro jersey is one hell of a fashion flex right now. If you’re going to stay current, some of menswears most prominent designers such as Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones are releasing capsule collections that are inspired by the game.

The hoodie, jeans, and sneaker combo have become the standard uniform for many of us. Wearing a Ronaldo shirt is not much of a stretch. The World Cup is a global event that happens once every four years. Over the next month, beers will be downed, high fives will be given and received, and unfortunately, tears will be shed (since there is only one winner). It’s a hell of a ride. If wearing a shirt even if it looks like an eyesore, unifies you and others to a common goal and brings everyone together, why the hell not? If your team loses, at least you know who to console and buy a round of shots for at the bar.

MatchDay Rules


If you do decide to join the cause and support a national team, or more likely bandwagoning like the rest of us, here are some rules to follow:


Players typically wear their jerseys in the most eurocentric medium fits possible. Modeling the fit of yours after your favourite player is not a good look. These players train year round. We train when we can. Even if you have a beautiful six pack, you are better off wearing your kit like how most of us would wear a trendy shirt, which is with an ample amount of room.

Save It For Gameday

The best time to show off your pride is when your team is playing, and playing well. Going to a friends house or a bar to cheer on your squad is apparently the time to break out your shirt. Wearing your bright yellow Brazil shirt when the team already got booted out while watching the finals is just obnoxious. No one likes a sore loser.

Keep it Simple

Stick with the basics. Any combination of no-fuss denim, jorts, athletic shorts, with sneakers works. DO NOT venture off into creative director mode and choose to style your kit with anything extravagant or extra. Football Jerseys are colourful enough already, they do not need to be accentuated.