Reading: Sipsmith London Dry Gin is a Swan Among Ducks

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is a Swan Among Ducks

What came first, the smooth talker or the gin?

In 2009, Sipsmith was launched by Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall.

Sam Galsworthy is a smooth talker; evidenced not only by his enthusiasm when talking up a storm about Sipsmith Gin but by the fact, the dynamic duo secured the first new copper pot still in London for almost 200 years. The resulting spirit is truly the intersection of where old world meets new.

There are some things that are quintessentially London; the Underground, curry, drum and bass, and Sipsmith Gin – one of few London Dry’s that’s ACTUALLY from London.

Sample Sipsmith neat to enjoy a truly balanced gin, exhibiting hints of botanicals without being overwhelmed by juniper (because who wants to sip a Christmas tree). A mild, peppery finish lets Sipsmith hold its own in a cocktail. And after a few of these Sipsmith gin cocktails, you’ll be a smooth talker too.

Translation for the Harry Potter crowd: it’s alchemy in a glass.

Marley’s Ghost

1oz Sipsmith London Dry Gin

1/2 oz Clarified Lime Juice

1/4 oz Mint Syrup

1 dash Lime Bitters

Garnish: dehydrated lime wheel

Westminster to the Temple

1 oz Sipsmith London Dry Gin

1/4 oz Ginger, plum and Earl Grey Syrup

2 oz Pressed apple juice

1 dash of Angostura bitters

Shaved cinnamon & flamed apple

Sam’s Night in the 6ix Cocktail

2 oz Sipsmith London Dry Gin

½ oz Sake

Bar spoon of Pastis

Garnish: cucumber slice