Reading: These Sneakers Will Feel At Home In Your Closet

These Sneakers Will Feel At Home In Your Closet

It may be safe to say that we are currently knee deep in the ‘sneaker era’. Hypebeasts everywhere are blowing up Instagram and social media with pictures of what seems to be endless releases of new sneakers.  These are the kicks that will take you from casual Friday to Sunday brunch, and everything in between.

1. The high-fashion sneaker.

This sneaker is a little fussy (although they prefer the term discriminating). Kicking it comfortably at red carpet events with valet service rather than grocery shopping and running errands. Flashy and exciting, these sneakers will steal the spotlight from your outfit if not careful. Lanvin got it so right. Nobody else will be showing up in suede and patent leather.


what-to-wear-lanvin-luxury-shoe2. The wolf of sneaker-street.

These sneakers are always at work, making money the honest way. Suave and mysterious, this pair could comfortably hit the stock exchange floor on days you just can’t with those tight dress shoes squeezing the soul out of your soles. John Lobb is perfectly understated and this navy pair will go with your dark suits. It’s ok to make your own rules sometimes.


john-lobb-luxury-shoe-leather3. The shoe next door.

Oh how wonderful familiarity feels. This sneaker doesn’t care what you’re wearing or where you’re going. This sneaker is down to do whatever. Of course almost every fashion label has their version of the classic white sneaker but the Common Project Original Achilles Sneaker is definitely our weakness. These kicks are a high-quality staple. And while the price does skew towards the more expensive end of the sneaker spectrum, think of the money you’ll save not chucking your Chuck Taylor’s every season.


common-projects-luxury-shoes-leather-mr-porter4. The youthful and trendy sole.

Our final sneaker embodies the spirit of today’s increasingly trend-driven generation. This sneaker wants to be hip, sporty and trendy all at once and surprisingly accomplishes it very well. Consider this the Kanye of sneakers except it isn’t the Yeezy Boost 350. Those things are rarer than the TTC being on time. However, we are still playing in the Adidas arena. Our choice of sneaker will get you through running errands to the gym to boys night at the sports bar, all in record time.