Reading: Thirst Aid: Stalk & Barrel is Fully Loaded

Thirst Aid: Stalk & Barrel is Fully Loaded

There is a Canadian killer on the loose.  It’s Stalk & Barrel’s killer craft whisky.

The first micro-distillery in Ontario, Stalk & Barrel offers four variations; a Single Malt (a natural choice considering Canada boasts some of the world’s best barley), a Rye, a Red Blend and a Blue Blend.

Each barrel of the Single Malt and Rye are bottled individually as a single cask offering in individually numbered bottles and is the perfect drink when anything less than 100% just won’t do.

Hit up the Red Blend for complex flavours of toasted granola and bittersweet chocolate, the perfect accomplice for those who like to end a hard day’s work with a Manhattan.

The Blue Blend is super delicate and smooth, ideal for those who are looking for an approachable whisky to help them take the plunge.