Reading: Starbucks Inspired Nike’s Send Sneaker Heads Swirling

Starbucks Inspired Nike’s Send Sneaker Heads Swirling

Ever want to give your morning coffee run the kick it really needs?

Well here’s an awkward story.

Nike and Starbucks… yes Starbucks (you know that place you get your grande non-fat latte every morning?) kinda came together in a caffeine fuelled collaboration to give you a sneaker inspired by the Seattle based coffee chain. The unofficial love child of these two Pacific Northwest based companies (Starbucks siren gets the pixel treatment in Nike’s promotional images)  is essentially a basic Nike SB Dunk Low, however this one’s got the signature Starbucks green color in its accents and a brown frothy-coffee inspired colorway. Perfect for dipping your Kyrie Irving Kripy Kreme Nike‘s.

We’d have never predicted this collaboration and sincerely hope Nike doesn’t decide to partner with McDonald’s next (although McDunks does have a great ring to it). We don’t want to be reminded of what we drunkenly ate over the weekend. That being said, if you’re a coffee fanatic and a sneaker snob and are willing to give these kicks a shot, then prepare to spend about 100$.

That’s about 20 lattes just so you know.