Reading: How To Survive the Winter in Toronto And Still Look Swaggy

How To Survive the Winter in Toronto And Still Look Swaggy

Currently Toronto is enjoying some above seasonal temperatures, where you can actually head outside and soak up the mild weather. But anyone who know’s Toronto’s weather habits understands snowfall during this time of the year can hit at any moment’s notice.

And once the snow hit’s, unfortunately there is no turning back to fall. We all had our collective praying hands emoji prayer’s answered when mother nature blessed the city with a somewhat mild winter last season. This year? Get ready to get your asss kicked. The weather experts are already calling for a return back to the polar vortex  like conditions. We get it, when the temperature dips below a certain point, style for most of us becomes a secondary concern. A harsh winter use to mean just throw on your most robust  parka and waddle your way through the streets, but it doesn’t have to be that way.Here is a guide on how to survive a Toronto winter while still looking fresh.

A Proper Winter Jacket is Necessary

There is no way around it that that to survive a harsh winter a proper winter jacket is necessary. There always comes a breaking point during a canadian winter where a wool pea coat, or a leather varsity jacket simply get’s mangled when worn in freezing wind chill temperatures .As much as you don’t want to hear it, a parka is the type of jacket that is able to get you through the hardest stretch of winter. We understand that you don’t want to look like another mindless Torontonian drone during a January morning commute, but a parka offers the functional type of protection other coats simply can not.

We sifted through tons of winter parka’s this season, and have settled on Ficouture’s military travel parak as the ideal one to own to combat a Toronto winter. The made in Japan coat is wind and waterproof, and will keep you nice and toasty since it’s made with 90 percent duck down. The coat also features waterproof sealed zippers, two zip hand warmer chest pockets. Two hidden sleeve pockets and a removeable hood.  

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Technology is your Friend

When it comes to staying warm, most people lean owards traditional fabrics such as wool and corduroy to keep them nice and toasty. But over the past few years menswear brands from a variety of price points have introduced a ton functionality to keep you warm without the bulk and heaviness. Uniqlo’s heattech fabrics retains the heat that is generated from your body. Wearing a base layer of heat tech shirt and long john’s provides a solid foundation to stay warm. Nike’s line of tech fleece apparel also boasts techy fabric that keeps you insulated while maintaining breathability. Canada’s own Reigning Champ Sea to Sky collection which is tailored made for Canadian winter weather incorporates  fabric such as Polartec® Alpha Insulation which is the same fabric that is outfitted for U.S. special forces to help battle mother nature.

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Boots > Sneakers

Since we all collectively turned into sneakerheads, we understand it’s hard to not wear your favourite pair of kicks for a few weeks. With the amount of snow we get in the city, wearing sneakers during the winter months is just not functional. Sneakers don’t provide you the amount of protection a solid pair of boots would. Treating your sneakers to amples amount of salt, snow, and slush is a easy recipe to ruin them.

A pair of Danner Stumptown Hiking boots will hold you down during the frigid months. The boots are 100% waterproof and feature a vibram outsole which is designed for comfort and durability. Simply put, these are the boots that will keep you feet warm, and  make sure you’re ass doesn’t take a spill when you accidently walk over black ice. If you’re looking for a more cost effective pair of boots that will still help you through the season, there is the classic  TImberland Six inch. A pair of wheat or all black pair of Timberland Six Inch is never the wrong answer during this time of year. The boots are can take a beating and you never look out of style when you have them on your feet.

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A Winter Jacket is Not Enough

A lot of men feel that they got winter figured out when they simply make the big splashy winter jacket purchase. We all know one of these guy’s. When the winter storm hits their simply in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and figure that a warm coat will solve everything else. Yes, a winter coat goes a long way but it doesn’t stop there. There are still other pieces to wear that can aid you in making it out alive from a Toronto winter. We get it, winter completely sucks compared to summer, but sometimes you just have to embrace it. Invest in a solid sweater that can be worn throughout the season. Get your winter accessory game up by doubling down  on a solid scarf, beanies, and gloves.

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