Reading: Take A Step in the Right Direction with Sneakairs

Take A Step in the Right Direction with Sneakairs

These boots are made for talkin’ … err walking. But that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Landing on feet around the globe, Sneakairs are perhaps the worlds first smart shoe. Since everything wants to be smart these days like our phones, cars, houses even household appliances, our good old pair of sneakers have kicked it into high (tech) gear. Developed by EasyJet, a UK budget airline known for toying with experimental ideas like using drones to inspect jets and hyrodgen cells to fuel planes as they taxi the tarmac, Sneakairs may just be the next brilliant invention. Ever been to a foreign city and at the end of the trip realize you didn’t really see much? Relying solely on the glow of  your phone to navigate the winding cobblestone of Valencia (#ihavethisthingwithfloors)? Simply input your itinerary in the app Sneakairs and get going!

The Sneakairs smart shoes vibrate when you’re supposed to turn left or right.  The app even provides route recalculations if you decide to stray lets say for that cheesecake you saw through a shop window or a cappuccino. Easyjet is still perfecting the design.  Limited battery life means you have 3 hours before you’re back to a map (but hey! it doesn’t limit your ability to keep exploring).

Look forward to your trip to Paris turning into a foot massage.

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