Reading: The Wide Open Era Of Menswear

The Wide Open Era Of Menswear

You could not fathom it now, but there was a time when discussing clothing with your friends was a strange conversation to be had. It simply was not cool to talk clothing. If you did, you did in secrecy under a username (sneakerfreaker85 anyone?), and with other like-minded enthusiasts on the internet forums.

It was during those days where only a few publications and designers dictated what you had to own in menswear to have the juice. In 2017, menswear has expanded its reach. Even the self-confessed “I-don’t-enjoy-fashion” men out there know that Roshe Run’s are a no-no. Or the fact that a pair of black denim is a better investment than an indigo pair. 

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Everyone’s basic knowledge of men’s fashion is elevated. It’s when you start going up higher in the ranks of dedicated menswear aficionados where opinions begin to differ. Are we officially in the baggy, oversized era? Are we collectively over skinny jeans? Is tailoring dead? Is sportswear still popular? Are boots making a comeback? Read any menswear publication, or strike up a conversation with any enthusiasts and you might have a different answer to any of these questions.

With the Fall/Winter 2017 shows in full swing, the one consistent theme to take away from the shows is the variety being displayed by designers. Prada’s Fall/Winter campaign is a big eff you to current what’s currently popular. Miuccia Prada ran with a collection that did not include any buzzy-worthy trends.

In London Collections Men E. Tautz displayed an airy relaxed suit that differs from the oxygen sucking, skin tight suiting we have come accustomed to from years past. Paris fashion week Kim Jones outfit his models with Supreme backpacks and over the shoulder bags. The backbone of the fashion industry still believes in the trickle down effect. Designers show collections with overarching themes and little by little these themes morph into full out street style trends. But as we enter the beginning of the new year, the traditional model of how trends blossom seems to be slowly disappearing. We are entering unchartered territory. In this era, your personal style takes precedence over any publication or designer. Yes, there will still be trend reports every spring and fall, but those forecasts are beginning to hold less value. What is increasing is if you actually enjoy what you are wearing. The wide-open era of menswear doesn’t try to dictate trends for you, it leaves the choice up to you. If you’re feeling sartorially inclined, go ahead and wear that double breasted suit. Sneakers and streetwear is your calling? There is no better time than to flaunt your footwear collection than now. Want to be head-to-toe in nothing but trends, go ahead. We live in the if you like it wear it era of menswear in 2017. A space where every different style and trend has enough space to co-exist without fighting each other.