Reading: Top 3 Sites To Buy Re-Sell Sneakers in 2018

Top 3 Sites To Buy Re-Sell Sneakers in 2018

Buying a pair of highly coveted pair of sneakers in 2018 is more difficult than completing your tax returns on time. Due to the low supply and high demand, hypebeasts who are lucky enough to win a sneaker raffle, often end up flipping them for profit. Yes, a large majority of teens who are willing to hustle, camp out and queue long lines are trying to make money off your lazy ass. Until the swoosh or the three stripes decide to make more pairs, or disrupt the current business model, the majority of us will need to pay a markup for sneakers that were constructed and marketed with hype in mind. Purchasing resale goods when the subculture was still in its infancy often felt like making shady deals in a back alley. Nowadays acquiring from the secondary market is as seamless as professional as checking into a five-star hotel. So the next time you want a pair of sold out Yeezy’s hit these sites up first before you resort to being fleeced on craigslist.

Stock X


Stock X is the Nasdaq of the sneaker game. The site is modeled after a modern stock exchange that turns shoes into commodities that can be tracked and purchased. You are able to follow the price of the latest pair of Jordan’s, when all previous pairs were sold, how much the last pair sold for, the average price, and even the volatility of the sneaker. With counterfeit sneakers also gaining popularity, users who purchase from them won’t need to worry. All shoes that are purchased are shipped to Stock X first for verification. Only when the company successfully verifies the shoe, will they send them to the buyer.

Best For: The latest sneakers that were just released and immediately sold out. Limited edition Nikes, Adidas, Jordans, Sneakerheads that want to creep on a fluctuating price of a sneaker as if it’s a cryptocurrency.



While Grailed is known as the de facto website for purchasing used men’s clothing, It also has a wide spread of underrated of shoes that would make any sneakerhead swoon. Unlike other more regulated online stores, this curated community is more like a high-end hipster market in Williamsburg. One differentiation that Grailed has over other re-sale store fronts is their bevy of high fashion sneakers, which is becoming increasingly popular. Shoes like the Balenciaga Triple S and the Prada Cloudbust can be regularly found on the site, and sometimes even for below the retail price. The site does not discriminate between brand new, worn a few times, and completely worn out, as you can purchase sneakers at any state. Buyers deal with the seller directly while Grailed takes a small fee for being the middleman.

Best for: High fashion sneakers, sneakers below retail price that are worn.

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Stadium Goods


Stadium Goods started out as the newcomer, but in the short amount of time, it has become a top player in the game. The store only concentrates on the cream of the crop of sneakers. The ones that normally sell out in seconds online? They normally make their way to Stadium Goods with an elevated price tag shortly after. The company concentrates on kicks that are the most elusive. Which means this is not the place to be shopping for your general releases such as Air Forces One’s, or Stan Smiths.

Best for: Limited Edition Sneakers, Collaboration Sneakers